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Language Is a Tool for Communication, Not for Thought, MIT Researchers Argue
  • I think transforming "it's possible to think without language" into "language is not a tool for thought" is an overreach. Definitely a lot of our internal voice is post-thought, but crystalizing those thoughts into words can provide footholds for further thought. Some would argue it's not possible to think through a complex issue without writing:

  • Temperatures in Pakistan cross 52 degrees Celsius — that’s more than 125°F
  • Definite agree with the core of what you're saying, though for US and EU (and to a lesser degree "High income countries"), the numbers are quite close, as clean grid energy is significantly outpacing electric vehicle adoption (and EVs rely on a clean grid to be clean).

  • Recycle Harder
  • Effective systemic change requires changing the systems, not individual people or companies. If we want less virgin plastic or gasoline burning, it needs to be less profitable to extract oil, process it, and sell it to people who want it, otherwise somebody is going to do that.

  • Los Angeles renters now need $117K a year to live comfortably, study says
  • The report describes living comfortably as spending no more than 30% of one’s income on rent.

    This is abusing a crude, outdated rule of thumb that never worked in HCOL areas [1]. Put simply, if your rent goes up by $10K annually and all other costs remain the same, you only need $10K more per year to be just as "comfortable", not $33.33K.

    Granted, $35.1K is a lot (that would be 100% of minimum wage in Los Angeles). The median rent for a **1BR ** is $2.2K [2], so 26K per year (i.e. still too much).

    In short, minimum wage isn't enough to afford rent in L.A., but you certainly don't need to be making $100K.