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Introducing: The Minimal Phone
  • Let me guess, it will cost as much as a normal smartphone but with less? The page doesnt even load on my side.

  • royal wizard by noion art
  • Wizardception

  • It's so nice to see them all growing, but this is just the truth, sorry.
  • Btw, the automod is ONLY a service from us, that you are getting notified when something got removed from you. If you mean the @[email protected]

  • Let's do micro service
  • "You dont have to care about infrastructure...." is the bigest lie of those microservice hosting providers.

  • Infinite spinning issue when commenting on a post
  • Ahh then you have a lamguage selected the community not allows.

  • Stack Overflow bans users en masse for rebelling against OpenAI partnership — users banned for deleting answers to prevent them being used to train ChatGPT
  • If this is true, then we should prepare to be shout at by chatgpt why we didnt knew already that simple error.

  • Infinite spinning issue when commenting on a post
  • that is the console in the networks tab.

    Please try to have it open and try to post something ( you have the "real" networks tab collapsed, please colapse the console first )

    Then search for a request with a POST method and "File" is post. ( as highlighted in the picture )

    Then click on it and go to the "response" tab.

    But please do not post any screenshot of that here. For your own safety as it could contain sensible data.

  • Infinite spinning issue when commenting on a post
  • Ok, then please check your Developer Console ( on desktop press F12 ) and check then "Networks" Tab, and check for errors ( red ) click on it and in there, you should see a "Response" tab and check what it is happening.

  • Infinite spinning issue when commenting on a post
  • Check the modlogs if you arent banned from the community. And that you have selected a language

  • Distorção de palavras no Lemmy
  • @[email protected] please follow the rule 2 ( and mark your post as "portugese" )

  • Windows 10 reaches 70% market share as Windows 11 keeps declining
  • Same, its just like everywhere enshitification of companies who try to get more profitable by spying,advertising and many anti consumer practices. Linux just stays good. and / or if you dont like your distribution just swap to another, its easy :D

  • An issue when posting a post with a link
  • Its link specific, if a link leads to a page that supports it then it shows it.

  • An issue when posting a post with a link
  • Yeah there is no option to hide the embed.

  • Hmmm
  • spoiler

    🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

  • Testing Code blocks
  • The recieved ;D

  • Closed - Moved to c/world

    Hello world,

    we chose to close down this community and redirect everyone interested in wordnews to because we want to reduce the load on moderators and have at least locally on the instance less duplicate communities.

    We did this action with the cooperation of the mods in c/world and c/worldnews.

    youtube Rooki
    Backpack Battles will be a huge success - Imperor

    Really cool video from @[email protected] i want to share.

    New Modded Server!

    Hi i will make it a short one!

    We created a new modpack server ( Steampunk ) it is available under

    The whitelist is active and you need to dm me here, discord or matrix your minecraft username to whitelist you on there.

    Note: The survival server is still up and they both have enough ressources!

    Server Survey!

    Hello world!

    as probably many seen in the recent weeks, there was a decline on active users on the server and we want to ask you what we can do or what are the next games you want to play with the lemmy community!

    The choices are:

    1. Minecraft with a new Modpack ( please recommend us a modpack you want to play with the lemmy community )
    2. A different game?
    3. Shut it down forever?!
    4. Your idea?!

    Note: If possible we will still let the current vanilla server running ( but with reduced dedicated resources).

    Thanks for everyone participated in the minecraft server! We never anticipated it was so active and so enthusiastic from everyone participating!

    But please take part in this Survey or we will probably have to shut the server down if no one wants or suggests anything!

    Thanks! The Lemmy world Minecraft Team!

    Edit: We have chosen for 1. A new Modpack Server ( more information here: ) NOTE: The Vanilla Server STAYS, so it doesnt go down.

    The whole spawn loaded at once!

    I did this with the nice mod named nvidium! No lag so far! Thank you all for building such nice things!

    First days impression.


    i swapped to Pop!_os 2 days ago ( from linux mint, because i wanted some change and found pop_os ) and i like it!

    I have just few points that i would like to share:

    • That the displays scaling cant be changed per monitor untilthe activation of "Fractial Scaling" ( just as a beginner "weird" behaviour )

    • You cant disable / make the "Active window" border smaller.

    • You cant hide the top bar ( but thats acceptable as it hides itself if you are in full screen )

    • Customizability/Lack of keybinds ( for example move active window to Screen 1,2,3 with Super + 1,2,3,4 )

    • (The pop_store lags? sometimes if i search? idk if its just a known bug or if its something on my side?) )

    But its still very good and it has some cool features and simple installation!

    Thanks for the System76 devs for making such great OS!

    What are your must have programms on (debian/ubuntu based) linux?


    I am pretty new to linux ( almost 2 months PURE linux mint ) and i still find cool software ( like lazydocker, lazygit, zsh... ) but i feel like there are 100k more interesting software to have ;D

    If anyone could recommend me some cool / interesting software, that would be cool.


    The roads near spawn are getting upgraded :D


    All the roads near spawn are getting improved by aurifex5128

    Thanks to aurifex5128!

    Halloween Event is LIVE!

    Hello everybody!

    As announced in the last weekly update we are proud to open the doors to the event area of this years halloween building contest!

    In spawn you will see a portal (to hell) where you get teleported to the event area. There you can see more informations and the area where you can build.

    Everybody gets some starting coins. ( 400 credits ) So that you dont go empty out of it if you have claimed something during the event. To claim those ask a mod or admin.

    See you there!

    Weekly Update #3

    geteilt von:

    > Here we go again! Reporting to you the news of the Minecraft server! We gained some new members, new buildings and some great experience! > > This update will be special! As we announce the first ever build event of the server the theme is Spooky Halloween ( What a big surprise ;) ). The event will start on Monday the 23.10.2023 and a portal will raise near spawn and send you to the building start area! > > The prizes are going to be some item prizes, like good enchanted diamond armor, diamonds, netherite and other rewards will be announced at the end! You even get an entry prize for joining the event! > > The rules and information for the event is nearby the event location. > > Stats; > ! > > ::: spoiler Here are some pictures of the week; > ! > > ! > > ! > > ! > > ! > > ! > > !:::

    Stop leaving location on & signing into gmail to use Google search - Louis Rossmann

    Another reason not to use google search

    Location Trivia #1 [Easy]

    In the Location Trivia you can guess the location and Owner of that shown house / location.

    Try to guess the location and owner in the comments!

    Server Information

    Here are some interesting information / tips for the Minecraft Server!

    Protect your stuff with griefprevention

    Simply do /claim or place a chest or use a golden shovel ( use /kit Claimtools for it ) Tutorial:

    I get spawn camped.

    Even if its illegal to spawn camp you should not cry around for every single small problem. If he keeps 24/7 spawn camping, please report him. Just use /rtp, it will send you somewhere in the wilderness.

    I want to talk with someone.

    On the official Lemmy World Discord and Matrix there are dedicated Minecraft channels. On discord you can join public voice lobbies.

    The Server is full

    Yeah as we dont have a threadripper on the server we limit the ammount of users to a maximum 30. If we see a steady full server we will look into upgrading. But for now 30 should be enough!

    Plugins installed:

    • Some more plugins not related to user experience