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Disney Is Purging Content to Avoid Paying Workers and Evade Taxes
  • Regulators and investors are behind the curve in regard to entertainment technology. Big business is taking advantage of everything not written into an ironclad contract.

    Their big move upcoming is offloading as much as they can from D+ to Hulu, because if the contract only discusses streaming on D+ than there are no royalties to pay through Hulu.

  • FCC chair: Speed standard of 25Mbps down, 3Mbps up isn’t good enough anymore
  • It should be, but you underestimate how many communities have limited access still.

    We would have more line laid but telecoms pocketed the money since Congress didn't put any performance requirements in the bill or contracts.

  • Divination
  • Can't use magic to get rich, it's one of the unwritten rules.

    There are workarounds, see David Blaine. Market it as illusions and tricks and take peoples money the old fashioned way.

  • People Who Stay On Twitter Are Aiding Musk In His Antics
  • My wife tells me she loves Twitter because it's the best and first place to find out about developing stories and headlines.

    I've never used Twitter, so I don't have much of a dog in that race, but she does tend to be informed quickly about her interests.