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Anyone who drives a car/ has the driver license... Is it worth the hassle getting the license?
  • I totally agree. Yet I know plenty of people who don't have a licence and don't miss it. they usually can ask a friend, if they need car transportation. But you are dependent on someone else. Some make use of others very frequently, in which case it would be nice to recompense a little, for fuel now and then. Because having a licence and a car is very expensive. Which on the other side is a plus point again for them selves. Because you live cheaper.

  • ‘It’s time we put a felon in the White House,’ California sheriff says
  • Don't be so butthurt! It's not like I'm saying you should vote for him, in fact I would strongly advise against it. But I have no hope left for the USA with their jurisdiction and political system or their social cohesion. They shoveled their own grave. Their democratic system is flawed and corrupted to no end. I'm simply hopeless that he won't become president again. Be it now or the next time. It's always the worst time for him to be in power. The problem won't be solved until he won't be able to candidate again. And I don't believe there will be another solution but that he was president a second time or he dies.

  • ‘It’s time we put a felon in the White House,’ California sheriff says
  • I know he would do a crazy amount of damage to the USA and the rest of the world. But at this point I think it would be best to just be done with it. Let him havoc for 4 years and then he's out of the game and maybe the US can start to heal the rift in their society. If he doesn't make it, his disciples will rage on and radicalize even further.

  • A cool guide to the carbon footprint of major travel methods
  • This is in German and looks at Germany only. The comparison from page 10 on is very interesting. They look at microplastic emissions. Spoiler: shoes (109) have higher emission than bikes (15,6).

    Wind Turbines have even less (0,02). I'm mentioning that, because some people here seem to think, that wind turbines are bad for the environment because they have abrasion...

  • Professional Scientists of Lemmy: What is your field of study's, most complex unanswered question?
  • Isn't it proof enough? Using the Sudoku example: there are certainly different levels of difficulties, depending on how many numbers are set in the beginning and other parameters. Checking if the solved answer is correct, is always the same "difficulty" - thus there is no correlation between the difficulty of the puzzle at the beginning and checking the Correctness. Some people might not be able to solve it, but they certainly can check if the solution is right

  • Produktion von Fleischersatz 2023 um 16,6 Prozent gestiegen
  • Döner gibt es leider auch noch nicht in vegan, außer man stellt komplett auf Falafel um oder macht sich zuhause was ähnliches mit so Huhnersatz. Aber unterwegs ist man aufgeschmissen. Da sind andere FastFood Produkte, wie Burger oder Pizza viel weiter und breiter aufgestellt inzwischen. Die Dönerläden verschlafen den Trend... auch wenn die meisten wahrscheinlich trotz gestiegener Preise schon mehr als genug Kundschaft haben.

  • Wahlentscheidungshilfe
  • Mich nervt das ganze Grünen Bashing selbst. Und ich bin auch der Meinung, dass sie an einigen richtigen Stellen Kompromisse eingegangen sind. Aber sie stehen meiner Meinung nach definitiv schon lange nicht mehr zu ihren Grundwerten.

  • Is there a good privacy respecting rss feed reader?

    I want to set up a RSS feed for me to subscribe to some websites. I am a newbie and never used RSS before. I found Raven Reader, which is open source. But I don't know of it's trustworthy, too.

    I would also be grateful for information on how safe it is to use RSS in general concerning privacy, e.g. can my feed be tracked from websites?


    Can you guess which persons description I used?

    Edit: Some of you already guessed right: I meant Trump. But the hair really reminds more of Boris Johnson and the hands aren't small, but the fingers short 😀

    The Internet Is Beautiful Risus_Nex 🐹⁉️ because internet is stupid

    The home of Kick the Ball Back, The Kilobyte’s Gambit, Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?, Voleflix, Penga, Crisp Sandwich Day and oodles more. 🐹⁉️ because internet is stupid

    I just found this website and love the vibe of it.

    Also: which is similar. mentioned it before. Why are my links not working :(


    Can anyone feed an AI with only this community as source material?

    I don't know how to do it myself, but I am sure some of you are better at all this stuff. There's so much weird shit here, I think it would be interesting to see, what an AI would distill out of it.

    Malazan Risus_Nex

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    Humble Book Bundle: Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen by TOR Publishing Group

    Wie kann man Fernsehen ohne Satelit oder Kabelanschluss?

    Hallo zusammen, Sorry die Frage klingt vielleicht dumm in Zeiten des Internets und digitalen Programmempfangs. Aber ich selbst schaue nie Fernsehen, bräuchte aber Hilfe dabei für jemand anderes eine Lösung zu finden.

    Zur Erläuterung: Es handelt sich um eine Jugendeinrichtung die in neue Räumlichkeiten gezogen ist. Es gibt zwar WLAN und einen alten Fernseher (kein Smart-TV) mit HDMI-Anschlüssen, aber auf einen Fernseh-Anschluss wurde beim Bau wohl verzichtet. Der Fernseher wird nur gelegentlich für Filmabende oder Sportübertragungen genutzt.

    Ich bin relativ schnell auf den amazon fire Stick (und Konkurrenz Geräte) gestoßen, habe aber auch von "DVB-T2 HD" gelesen und Zimmerantenne.

    Allerdings blicke ich einfach nicht durch, was die eleganteste Lösung wäre. Weil beim amazon stick es wohl nicht so einfach ist, Fernsehprogramme durchzuzappen, wie normal am Fenseher.

    Da es ein Geschenk für die Jugendeinrichtung wird, sind die Anschaffungkosten sekundär, aber es sollten möglichst keine laufenden Kosten für die Einrichtung entstehen.

    Ich bin für jeden Hinweis dankbar!