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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree faces ‘mixed’ Steam rating as players share issues
  • I have a 1080Ti and am getting like 120fps at max settings 1080p, 21:9 ultrawide. Loaded up with EAC disabled, offline mode, and Flawless Widescreen software. So I can't say I am finding myself having bad performance, its been quite good for me.

  • if jupiter gained enough mass to trigger fusion and ignite into a star...
  • Im pretty sure none of Jupiters moons would survive. But I suppose if they did perhaps they would change classification from moon to planet, but I think planet classification now also depends on size, so depending on size they still may not qualify. I don't know if any of Jupiter's moons are larger thaan Pluto, Ceres, etc.

  • Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree faces ‘mixed’ Steam rating as players share issues
  • Its currently 71% mostly positive.

    People just mad because they're trying to speedrun the DLC instead of actually playing it. Their basic one shot glass builds arent working with jump attack spam in the DLC, and people are mad they cant cheese it like that.

  • Hotly anticipated 'Black Myth: Wukong' is delayed on Xbox Series X|S — and now, Microsoft has responded
  • The problem is if Sony has a monopoly on the premium console market, they can charge any number they want and consumers have no other option. Less competition always means prices go up.

    Sony's practice of paying money not for exclusivity for their platform, just to stop developers from developing for Xbox for a period of time, is anti-consumer and needs to stop.

  • Prominent Nintendo leaker locks account, after source ‘revealed as employee’
  • Whether a journo tells you they're doing an article or not, they're always going to put what you say in an article. It's why you don't talk to journos like you don't talk to police without a lawyer. Even if you want to be helpful, you still need a lawyer to protect you.

  • Hotly anticipated 'Black Myth: Wukong' is delayed on Xbox Series X|S — and now, Microsoft has responded
  • That may be true. I don't play many games from China, not because of any reason its just the games that come from China usually don't appeal to me. I mean sure, I am concerned about Chinese government spyware, but also I am not anyone that is important so them having my data is completely valueless. I have a lot of fun with Super Mecha Champions, but when I tried out Genshin I just stopped playing after the big controversy of Rosarias bust size getting nerfed and the ice area was added to the game. I just didn't find the game much fun anymore, but it has made a massive amount of money.

    Wukong looks like a fun game though, I look forward to its release.

  • Such a pain in the sas
  • Always start with the simple stuff first. Even if you think you just checked it, it doesn't hurt to check something that takes less than 10 seconds to check again. And that check could save you from wasting 3 hours.

  • Miyazaki ‘spends 95% of his time directing games’, despite FromSoftware president title
  • I love this man's games but I also hope he is able to spend plenty of time with his family. If his games have to take a little longer because of it then that's fine, I am happy to wait. His efforts have landed him a lifetime customer with me.

  • Let’s make games open source, so future generations can enjoy them
  • Well for me personally it was two reasons. First was a lot of politically charged content. I don't want to see that stuff any more than I already am forced to, so I just block all of it normally, but on the ml servers it was tiring blocking so much so I just blocked the whole instance Second was the ml admin's handling of the anime community that used to be hosted there and is now hosted on I honestly don't remember too much other than the admin claiming something along the lines of "all anime characaters are children" or something like that. I don't remember it exactly, but it was some mindless take that communicated "we don't want anything related to anime on our server."

  • Error:language_not_allowed

    I am getting kinda sick of constantly not being able to post comments on seemingly random posts due to this error.

    The instance is English, the post title is English, and my comment is in English. I have even logged into my instance website to change the language settings to have both "Undetermined" and "English" selected, and that still doesn't work. Not all posts have this problem, and not even posts in just one community or instance. Seems like the error is completely random.

    I have to imagine this is an error specific to Connect for Lemmy, since I don't get the same error if I comment from my web browser. It seems to come from Connect for Lemmy not having an option to set the comment language when posting? Can that be corrected please?