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20 May 2024
  • What if this was a real torture? A man tied up next to a trapped wookpecker in a container next to the man head, where the only soft wall for the bird to escape is the person's skull...

  • Microsoft PC Manager App 'Repairs' Your System by Making Bing the Search Default
  • Maybe this will sound unrelated but have you seen a PC infected with tons of malware?

    The web browsers tend to be the most affected apps by malware and if the user doesn't want to reinstall, forcing the web browser to change the default search engine helps a lot, because it is literally impossible to do that manually when the PC is full of shit.

    Other than that, yeah, Microsoft doing anti-consumer things, as always.

  • Microsoft is testing Game Pass ads on the Windows 11 Settings homepage
  • People is actively opting to use a shitty OS like Windows. The easiest solution is using another OS.

    I hate saying this but at this point MacOS is even better in that regard, but my preferred choice is GNU/Linux.

    Obviously, in your personal computer you have the freedom to choose an OS that fits your needs, in a enterprise/work enviroment this is harder because the company using Windows is the one who should consider changing the OS to avoid this shit, if possible.

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