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US home sales crumble in May on higher rates and record prices, says Redfin
  • This headline is misleading Af

    The number of homes for sale remains roughly 25% below pre-pandemic levels, according to Redfin.

    People not wanting to sell is not anything like a collapse of a market. It is the opposite. It shows the true utility of the good is below the price.

  • One of the major sellers of detailed driver behavioral data is shutting down
  • GM quickly announced a halt to data sharing in late March, days after the Times' reporting sparked considerable outcry. GM had been sending data to both Verisk and LexisNexis Risk Solutions, the latter of which is not signaling any kind of retreat from the telematics pipeline.

    LexisNexis' telematics page shows logos for carmakers Kia, Mitsubishi, and Subaru.

  • Question about replacing/expanding a disk
  • I have experienced everything said here about USB drives failing.

    What I do now is I have a pair of identical 6TB USB drives set up as a mirrored RAID.

    So far so good. It has been a couple of years.

  • Modern seeds aren't ready for climate change: Smallholder farmers may hold the key to future food security
  • What do you mean?

    1 acre farms worked by people with hoes is less efficient than modern agriculture?

    How can that be?

    If that were true, all of the regular famines from history would have been prevented in modern times- save only for a few caused by war.

    /s (Seriously, Excellent response btw)

  • [MacRumors] Sonos' Privacy Policy Change Suggests It Might Sell Your Data
  • They want to show off to shareholders how much money they are bringing in.

    If they do it that way they are risking securities fraud with no way to juice the stock price.

    Securities fraud is one of the ways rich dudes can see real jail time because they are taking money from other rich dudes.

    I don’t see it.

  • Oregon DOT PSA explains new bike passing law
  • ”When you’re driving in Oregon, it’s now legal to pass people on bicycles in a no passing zone, as long as they’re riding at less than half the speed limit.

    First, be patient and hold back for a good moment to pass. Once it’s clear, move fully into the next lane and pass at five miles below the speed limit.”

  • My Logitech mouse list features

    Is it just me? My logitech mouse has lost the scroll will and other features apparently to turn them back on I have to enable web access to run my mouse.


    I presume this is so they can track me and sell data.

    Political Memes RestrictedAccount

    It works if you don’t think about it

    NFL Memes RestrictedAccount

    The stakes are very high


    Help! Trying to Shell Out of Excel

    I am trying to shell out of VBA in excel and I keep getting permissions issues. So far I have tried:

    Full Disk Access


    Developer Rights



    Shell function

    AppleScriptTask function (with full disks access and Accessiblity, and Developer Rights)

    All of the pieces work independently. I can call it from the command line and as an apple script from osascript

    The MOST frustrating thing its that once I got the permissions correct on Apple Script, then the excel AppleScriptTask function stopped working. The command that used to work now throws an Error 13 Type Mismatch. I have double checked, triple checked and had Chat GPT write the code. There is not type mismatch - and it worked fine before I fixed the permissions on Apple Script.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!