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What was announced at the Xbox showcase that you're most excited for?
  • Eternal pretty much integrates the Sci-fi story of the first game with the medieval fantasy lore it had in the codexes.

    It's a bit jarring in the first few levels because you don't have a lot of the new tools so the game is still pulling it's punches in case you need to get used to 2016's mechanics I think.

    I think it really clicks around the time you get the super shotgun and the mobility you get comes into play.

    The tone is goofier than 2016 but in a metalhead's drug trip kinda way that works really well in my opinion.

    You should give it another shot and stick with it until you have the full arsenal, it has a ridiculous amount of depth.

  • Starfield: Shattered Space - Official Trailer
  • There was nothing complex about sex workers in Fallout 1 and 2, they were either in the background or used for sex jokes.

    Killing hookers in New Reno also gave you positive karma for some reason.