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Going to hell? We're already here!
  • You can't convince me we aren't on some sort of prison planet experiment. The most common theme throughout all of human history is suffering. It doesn't matter where, when, or why, there will always be some degenerate ghouls fucking people over. In this case, the demons that set up the system so that the most vulnerable literally need to give their blood to pay rent. It's fucking disgusting.

  • Please, for the love of God, VOTE!
  • It really does feel awful. Either vote for an old geezer who keeps sending weapons to a terrorist state committing a genocide, or an orange old geezer who will do all that but will also be an authoritarian dictator. Like what the fuck is even going on anymore. Something has to give.

  • Release your ego

    Stop caring. Just go along for the ride.

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