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Good = Boring = No Corporate News Story
  • Meanwhile: "Good isn't perfect, so fuck that and fuck you."

    Too many people are all too ready to say that improvement isn't enough, it has to be a perfect and complete solution or else what was the point.

  • Why are Republicans challenging Biden's Title IX rules in court?
  • Biden could release a PSA asking people not to jump off of cliffs onto sharp rocks, because Gravity is real and it would be dangerous. Republicans would campaign on a pro-sharp-rocks policy saying it's your right to jump off of a cliff if you want to, and the new right-wing meme would be photos of people posed as corpses on piles of rocks.

  • Detroit pastor says people laughed in his face when he invited them to Trump church event
  • It's only a good way to hurt him in the way that anyone ever giving Trump the chance to speak is a weapon against his campaign. He'll manage to fuck it up in some way every chance he gets, but the only people who will ever care already have a laundry list of reasons to hate him.

  • Because it takes slightly less mental energy to sit and stress than to do the thing.
  • Kinda depends for me, super situational. The right kind of pressure and yeah I'll do it, something like an imminent non-negotiable deadline works for me. I'm the guy who files my taxes in the last possible week, I'll slam out a report a night or two before it's due.

    But someone forcing me to do it? They just get flagged as an asshole who doesn't have any authority here, even if I've asked them to do this, I know they're trying to help, whatever. It's the same situation when I try to set deadlines, or rewards, for myself. I know the guy who made those rules, he's full of shit.

  • American Airlines passenger sued by FAA after being duct taped to seat
  • That option still exists, and the cost for such a luxury exists too. But you don't fly First Class, do you? Or do you like so many other people look at the price first and pick the flight the one that costs $20 less than the next cheapest?

    Relax, I do it too.

    Consumers are a lot more sensitive to price than they are quality. We don't book the $800 flight when there's another one for $300, and then we complain about how we're crammed into narrow seats with our knees packed against the seat in front of us. The airline that can turn a profit on a cheaper seat will fill those seats.

  • American Airlines passenger sued by FAA after being duct taped to seat
  • Around 30 years ago, American Airlines realized that by removing a single olive from every passenger's salad, they would save what amounts today to about $100,000 annually due to reduced weight. They did that.

    Do you think they're going to remove seats and install a brig, or are they just going to make sure every flight has a half a roll of duct tape?

  • Trump Finally Weighs in on Controversial Shark vs. Electrocution Debate
  • The writers expected the 2016 original to end with a loss and a montage of all the wacky adventures up to that point, but when the miniseries got approved for a full 4 year run they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for ideas. Now the reboot comes around and they're looking for scraps discarded on the writer's room floor.

  • Turning Point USA is promoting drinking raw milk amid bird flu outbreak
  • Democrats said not to, said there's a virus spreading through raw milk and it could be dangerous. That was all it took. That was the only thing Republicans needed to hear to institutionally embrace Raw Milk.

    Democrats should try launching a "Don't jump off of cliffs onto sharp rocks" campaign. "It's not safe. The science is clear, gravity is real, and the sharp rocks will hurt or kill you. Just don't do it. It's not about restrictions versus freedom, just don't jump off of cliffs onto sharp rocks." The next week TPUSA would run an article on how to own the libs at the five highest cliffs in the country.

  • Things the guys who stole my phone have texted me to try to get me to unlock it - Gothamist
  • Honestly you can get a lot done just by wrapping a rubber band or two around your phone, it'll kinda catch and hold in your pocket and make it more notable if someone tries to pull it out. Works for your wallet too, and all without building a whole ass mousetrap for your pocket.