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Dragon's Dogma 2 - 18 Minutes of Fighter, Thief, Warrior, and Sorcerer Gameplay
  • From what they've shown fast travel is handled differently in this game. There are ox-pulled wagons in that you can find roaming the world that will take you to major locations (and also wagons in the major cities). It appears you have the option to rest while on the cart to skip the journey or you can just ride them. Apparently you can also be ambushed while riding in the wagon.

  • Fallout and Elder Scrolls community pays tribute to YouTuber Mitten Squad following sudden passing
  • Well shit. I hadn't watched him since back when he was supposed to be taking a break from YouTube to try to deal with his struggles with alcohol. Sad to hear he passed on. Hope his loved ones are holding on through all of this.

  • Whats your favorite Main Menu music?
  • Definitely the original main menu music for Dragon's Dogma.

    I remember booting it up on the PS3 back in the day and was like "Wha-?" but after playing the game so many times it's definitely become a favorite. Both for how out of place it is but also how perfect it fits after all the context of the game.

    Sad they replaced it for the Dark Arisen version but luckily there is a mod for PC that restores it in all its glory. :P

  • How disappointed would Withers be if I cast Speak with Dead on him?
  • Not quite.

    Spoiler Warning!!

    !It's heavily implied by the game, although not outright stated, that Withers is in fact Jergel himself. He is THE Scribe of the Dead and the one who ascended Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul to godhood in the first place. Thus is ultimately responsible for all the calamity befalling the Sword Coast and it's the reason he is helping you to begin with. !<

  • 🔧 Baldurs Gate 3: Dramatically increase performance / FPS with any setup! *BEST SETTINGS* 📈✅
  • From my understanding from various people online and my own experiences as someone who uses an Intel Card in my main rig (used to dealing with wonky drivers although it's a lot better these days) Only use DDU if the situation calls for it. Like swapping GPUs. Otherwise just doing a custom install and making sure you check the box for a 'clean' install is good enough. Similar adage to "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Unless you're getting a lot of crashes or things just seem off performance/visual wise. DDU is probably overkill in most situations.

  • Is it possible to let another character attempt a skill check?
  • It's possible they tried it and didn't like it or thought maybe it made conversations too easy. You'd probably have to ask Larian to be certain. They are probably going to do a dev stream some time soon. Might be able to get an answer then if you submit it.

    It does seem to be the easiest solution if they were to try but it's possible they just let modders work it out since they are working on releasing mod tools for BG3 later this year.

  • Is it possible to let another character attempt a skill check?
  • The devs did mention in the weeks before launch that it was something that they wanted to address but that it was very difficult to implement with their current system and how the conversation cutscenes work. They did try different things internally that they never added to Early Access but they weren't happy with any of their solutions and so they opted to focus the efforts on polishing other aspects of the game.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Not sure if Larian managed to reach out to collector's edition owners but they said they would ship at the original August 31st release due to supply chain reasons. However the digital code to the game should have been emailed already ahead of launch.

  • Karmic Dice - yes or no?
  • Personally I will be playing without Karmic Dice. I believe Larian's concept behind it is like the DM that occasionally smudges the rolls during a game. The game is designed around you failing rolls just as much as succeeding so I will take what the dice wills.

    That said people did testing during Early Access and found that on average you ended up hitting and getting hit more often in combat with Karmic Dice enabled as it sort of evens out your rolls. So if that interests you by all means go for it!

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 Delay Shows The Xbox Series S Still A Headache For Developers
  • For those curious Swen spoke a little about the issues with Xbox they've been having and why they haven't officially announced the game for Xbox yet in this interview on SkillUp a few days ago.

    Basically, the gist is that it's just not ready yet. They are currently trying to optimize it well enough so it runs 60fps even with 4 player co-op split screen which is a tall ask for the series S. Rather than hold PC and PS5 back they are instead focusing on their release and then will continue to work on Xbox after much like they did with Switch for DOS2.