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Anon remembers Halloween 1995
  • I think the apples that are typically used are the sour varieties so that there is a flavor contrast when biting in to it. This is just what I heard though, I usually don't like whatever is covering them.

  • Borderlands 2 improved on everything I liked from B1
  • Yeah this was my experience too. Despite there being "billions of guns", I rarely found much variety in viable options. I would never get excited about greens dropping; even blues were often 'meh' in TVHM. There seemed to be tighter bounds on weapon stats so there really was not much to be excited for in moment-to-moment drops.

    This is all besides the observation that some manufacturers tended to be a lot worse than others. Jakobs & Maliwan were leagues ahead of Dahl & Bandit guns, regardless of my character & skills invested in. The other ones fell somewhere in the middle. The few exceptions were unique weapons but those tended to have specific conditions to get which would be the same every playthrough, guaranteed.

    As you said, the scaling was worse, which really exacerbated the drop quality problem. It only got worse at higher levels where the number differences in gear from level to level got massive; even if you found something really good, you would need to trade it out soon.

    I remember in BL1, there was this one bandit who kept shredding me, like he killed me several times. I was excited to bring him down so I could get his gun (another mechanic I missed from the first game). When I finally did, I was too low level but also was surprised to find it was only green rarity. When I was able to use it though... damn. This thing chewed through ANYTHING and fast, and my SMG ammo just as fast. 😂 The best part was that I got to use it for a long time before it was outclassed.

    I liked BL2 and think it had more interesting enemies, areas, and the story was more engaging. I just wish that since it's a "Looter Shooter", that the "Looter" part of it was more exciting.

    TLDR; Yeah.

  • [Language] When you're a mom but also grew up in the 90s
  • "NSFL" tends to mean "Not safe for life". Usually people will use this labeling clips of extreme violence/gore/other conent that may be disturbing to observe in any context.

    Generally "NSFW", meaning "Not safe for work" is used to warn that an image or video might include improper, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate content that people may want to avoid while at work, but is probably not disturbing. I think that this is a better tag for this clip (though I am not sure as I haven't watched it, I'm at work 😅).

  • Borderlands 4 is Reportedly 2K’s Big Summer Game Fest Reveal
  • I rather liked the first Everspace but the second was a slog for me. To put it briefly, it seemed to missing the best parts of the first.

    The story was kind of dull, not that the firsts was very substantial but to me the story in 1 was moreso the emergent events & situations that would happen along the way.

    It might be that I'm just getting burnt out on RPGs but having to keep replacing gear for marginal stat boosts with few interesting differences got old quick. That and enemy levels were all over the place (the first time I had to fight an Okkar Corvette I melted it in roughly 2 seconds without doing anything special). The different ship classes & their unique abilities were pretty neat though.

  • Being an adult is so fun
  • I mean... just yesterday I slow cooked something for 8 hours and ate in 30 minutes with some left over. That doesn't mean I have to treat it all as "cooking time".

    If I am cooking something more labor intensive then I may just simultaneously cook something else for the week/meal prep/clean used dishes in the gaps in time.

    Still It does feel like that sometimes. The only other thing you can really do is cook enough portions for a few meals so that you can reheat for later meals.

  • Bend in the Road - by Leonard Koscianski (42″x26″)(Oil on canvas)(2018)
  • It's hard for me to describe what's so striking about this. The buildings are very simple and are similarly colored, but are diverse in form. On the other hand the trees and clouds are much more detailed but are oddly homogeneous. The perspective almost seems as though it's folding. Neat.