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These 100-year-olds say working beyond retirement age is what keeps them going: 'I'll work for as long as I can'
  • Man I do too, but ig you took out the need to work for money I like coding and I'd probably make a game instead of just play one. The problem with our society is we're all forced to do crappy Jon's that we don't want to do just to male ends meet, so of course we don't want to work til we drop dead, but for a minority they love what they do and want to keep doing it.

  • How’s the progress of (insert retro game title) going?
  • Playing classic rpg series in order, currently on dragon quest 6, Persona 1, smt 3 (modern remake just released on pc, but played mt1, mt2, smt1, smt2, and smt if prior to starting this and persona) made it to romancing saga after playing the 3 final fantasy legends, on tales of destiny remake for the ps2 after playing tales of phantasia, ys 2, Wild arms alter code f ps2 remake, FFX hd remaster, kingdom hearts, and lastly thr non rpg doom 2 from the doom 3 bfg collection after beating doom 1. Yes I am bouncing between all of these. The ADHD cannot be pleased

  • What's your plan if Trump wins in November?
  • No idea. Don't think I have the physical means to leave the country. I have in demand skills but I am so Far in debt I can't make financial arrangements and am considered a liability to due debts owed to foreign entities. I'm probably going to go back in the closet taking the hide option by retreating into a cist white het male shell and attempt to reclaim that privilege that may hopefully stop me from getting executed or put in a camp.

  • Are there any good casual/low-stress mobile games that aren't filled with microtransactions?
  • Gardenscapes is the original match 3 and build a mansion and is still my favorite. There are micro transactions to get additional power ups, but the fact that they are constantly updating with new seasonal events and you never run out of levels

  • More parents are taking on debt to pay for Disney vacations as prices soar
  • If you stay on disney property you don't have to deal with that stuff. Catch the disney shuttle from the airport, take public disney transportation the whole time you're there. Course you spend more for the resort