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More than 90% of chickenpox cases in New York City outbreak among unvaccinated people
  • My understanding is , besides cost, the virus is just so contagious, that it's an all or nothing proposal.
    Vaccination is always better for the individual, but for the "herd" it's actually worse unless you can get almost everyone at once. That would have been hard enough before that arsehole Wakefield and even moreso now.

    But it's a numbers game. Our doctors looked at the statistics and made a recommendation when the vaccine became available, but now there is actual data on a generation of it's use in other countries to add to that analysis. Maybe that will lead to a change in policy, maybe it will just affirm it. If a change is deemed to be worth it in the long run, the transition period would be difficult.

  • More than 90% of chickenpox cases in New York City outbreak among unvaccinated people
  • As someone from a part of the world where the medical consensus is against mass vaccination against chickenpox, it's weird to see it discussed in the same terms as Measles or COVID.

    I got my youngest jabbed for it because lockdown meant they didn't get it as a toddler like most kids I knew of growing up, when it's usually an irritating but short illness and I was concerned they might somehow make it to adulthood without encountering it, when it actually becomes a lot more harmful.
    That was unfounded, since it's going round all the young uns right now. Still, we're both glad they won't have to experience the itchy spots, although jealousy over friends who had a few days off school was expressed.

  • World-first tooth-regrowing drug will be given to humans in September
  • Between this and the tooth decay "vaccine" (that replaces acid producing bacteria in the mouth with an alcohol producing kind) there's no reason my kids shouldn't reach old age without a full set of their teeth.
    Aside from that whole, climate-change-driven-collapse-of-social -order thing.

    I better avoid it through. I had four of my otherwise healthy adult teeth removed early on to avoid crowding issues. No idea where they'd fit in my head now if they grew back

  • Charles Littejohn - American Whistleblower
  • Feels weird reading a thread praising someone called Littlejohn, rather than mocking them for being a bootlicking gobshite, but then I grew up in a place where I had to hear about the opinions of this Twat