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State highway patrol Dodge Durango fun fact
  • "Pursuit SUV" is such a dumb concept in the first place. A tall and heavy vehicle going fast is dumb. A Pursuit Vehicle should have proper weight distribution (low to the ground and balanced) for stability and handling.

  • Rights Groups To Sue as Louisiana Requires Ten Commandments Displayed in Classrooms
  • With the Big Lie election conspiracy and Jan. 6th we had clear indications visible to the public and documented communications outlining their conspiracies.

    What you're promoting now is a conspiracy theory that Louisiana lawmakers are conspiring with the Supreme Court justices to legalize Christian theocracy. Where is the documentation to back up your conspiracy theory? Can you list any examples of publicly visible collusion, communications between those parties?

  • Rights Groups To Sue as Louisiana Requires Ten Commandments Displayed in Classrooms
  • Nope, completely serious.

    Maybe it's time you realized that what you're saying is a conspiracy theory, literally. That is what the trumptards do, as they are addicted to turning everything they're worried about into a conspiracy theory against them. But not everything is a conspiracy, most things are not.

  • 'It's inhumane.' Despite how hot it is, Tennessee renters don't have a right to air conditioning
  • If you've ever been to the deep south usa like Tennessee you would know that's not viable. Temps hit 100 F easily most summers. Humidity is often very high in combination with the scorching heat.

    Fortunately it is definitely NOT the norm for homes to be built and/or rented that do not have AC. I've rented numerous cheap homes and apartments in the South, every one had AC. My cheapest rental home was $300/mo and it had all utilities (and central HVAC) working except Internet.

  • Rights Groups To Sue as Louisiana Requires Ten Commandments Displayed in Classrooms
  • Well that would be pretty difficult, they'd have to pretend like the 1st Amendment doesn't exist. Don't forget that they've all had to take the oath of office requiring them to swear to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  • will i damage my car electrical system with a 24v solar panel
  • Sounds like a bad idea unless the power input can handle 2 different voltages into the same place (at once?).

    If it can handle both at once, you could still damage the car by feeding 24v into a 12v output port. It might blow a fuse, or burn up a circuit, or do nothing.

    But it might be possible to install a diode or diodes in the line to prevent power flowing back into the car. Diodes are like one-way gates for electricity, but it would need to be the right kind and rated for the volts/amps going through it