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The Supreme Court upholds a tax on foreign income over a challenge backed by business interests
  • The Moores were backed by anti-regulatory and business groups.

    So they weren't really paying for the case most likely. I've also seen some articles mention that the facts of the case as presented to the court may not have been entirely accurate, possible the Moores or their lawyers lied or misrepresented some things in the case. I haven't been able to find more details on what exactly they're referencing though.

  • US aircraft carrier counters false Houthi claims with 'Taco Tuesdays' as deployment stretches on - AP
  • Person above you either didn't read the article they posted or is hoping other people won't. Not that Al Jazeera doesn't have its own biases and blind spots like any news source, but I don't see anything incorrect in that article. They even put quotes around the word attack and then say only that Houthis claim they attacked them. It only mentions a sunk ship when it talks about the Houthi attacks on merchant vessels, which is true, they they sunk a Belize flagged ship containing fertilizer and fuel that was on its way from the UAE to Bulgaria.

  • Senate Republicans block bill that establishes right to IVF across the US
  • Presidents don't make laws, congress does. There would have to be something in the constitution or in a law already passed that gives the executive branch the power to do that. An executive order is just an enforcement, a more specific guidance of application of already existing laws or powers. If the law the article is talking about is passed, he could issue executive orders to delineate more specific actions to help make sure it is enforced.

    If Biden just sat down in a chair one day and wrote "I declare state laws and state constitutions restricting ivf are void!" like some kind of dictator it would do literally nothing.

    Go on to the federal register and look at some executive orders. You'll find most of them pertain to things the president directly controls, like the operations of executive department agencies. When it's not something the president clearly controls in the constitution, it will cite the authority of which specific laws it's basing this on.


    The National Space Council (Council), as authorized under Title V of Public Law 100-685, advises and assists the President regarding national space policy and strategy. This order sets forth the Council's membership, duties, and responsibilities.

    So for an example, here's what law passed by congress this executive order is fulfilling, here are my more specific instructions about how we as the executive branch are going to fulfill that law. Clearly the authority to establish a national space council does not come from the constitution, so it's a law passed by congress that makes this order possible.

    If congress passes a law protecting ivf and gives some power to the executive branch to enforce those protections, then maybe there would be situations where an executive order would be helpful.

    And Biden clearly supports this law, has repeatedly urged congress to pass it, and headlined the issue in his state of the union address.

  • G7 agrees to loan Ukraine $50 billion from the interest on frozen Russian assets
  • France, Germany and the ECB worry about Russian retaliation targeting European assets, and also the potential impact on financial stability and the euro’s status as a reserve currency. There’s concern that depositors from emerging economies may be encouraged to pull money out of western banks, fragmenting the global financial system.

    US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen downplayed such risks in February, arguing that “there are not alternatives to the dollar, euro, yen.” She said that if the G-7 acted together then the group would be representing half of the global economy and all of the currencies that really have the capacity at this point to serve as reserve currencies.

    I agree with you, they should just be able to tap the assets directly. Basically some European countries are worried about the effects seizing assets could have on the Euro. Most of these assets are held in Europe as euros. The loan is actually an improvement over the original proposal though. Originally France Germany, etc were pushing only for the 3 billion in interest a year on the assets to be given to Ukraine. The loan solution was pushed by other countries who wanted to give them more cash from the Russian assets as a way to give $50 billion in cash immediately, with those yearly interest payments from Russian assets being used to pay off the loan.

  • "Theory" of Evolution (SMBC)
  • I get the impression there is not model for why sometimes thousands of base pairs can fuck off with no impact, and sometimes it changes the organism unrecognizably.

    No there's many known reasons that can happen. Here's just some of them, but in the end it all comes down to understanding that genes code for proteins, little molecular machines. Sometimes there are multiple copies of genes that code for similar proteins or even the same protein, so losing one or even more doesn't really do anything as there's more where that came from. Sometimes there are genes that used to be important but no longer have a role or were made redundant, and are free to sedit. If a gene codes for a protein called an enzyme, sometimes a change in the active site that binds the chemicals for the reaction it assists might be catastrophic, but a change elsewhere doesn't do much because it's not as necessary to the function of the protein. Sometimes changes even result in the a similar amino acid or the exact same amino acid getting put at thag spot (since the genetic code has some redundancies, a different combo might still end up being the same).

    Many genes code for proteins called transcription factors. Transcription factors help control expression of many other genes, some of which might also be transcription factors that in turn affect other genes, etc. This can create huge cascades. For instance there are things called hox genes that are very important for creating a cascade that leads to the formation of different body segments, and differentiating the different body segments. Mutations in these genes can be devastating, in some animals leading to the dissappearance or redundant addition of whole body segments.

    There is tons more to learn of course on specifics in terms of evolution, genetics, and molecular biology of course. I don't think it's comparable to gravity though, which we seem to have a fundamental gap and irreconcilable theories.

    At least coming from a background of life sciences personally, it seems to me evolution is probably better understood than gravity. I think a better comparison to gravity in the life sciences might be abiogenesis (how pre life conditions give rise to life to begin with). Once life is going, evolution, that we have a ton on. Not that we know nothing about abiogenesis, but that it's a difficult outstanding problem.

  • US will send Ukraine another Patriot missile system after Kyiv's desperate calls for air defenses
  • Sure there's economies of scale, but that is an absolutely ridiculous mind boggling number of a single surface to air missile system. Even Ukraine at it's highest ask says 25 (though they estimate all major cities would be covered by 7), and you think they should make 100,000 batteries?! Every year?! What would be the point of that? Who on earth would buy that many and why?

    Even if they were manufactured at 20% of their current cost, a massive markdown, that would be $20 trillion a year dedicated to a single kind of a single weapon type, nearly as much as the entire gdp of the United States, and you still need the entire rest of your military paid for! They going to make 100,000 f35s and train 50,000 pilots too or something?

    I'm gonna stop, this must be trolling.

  • US will send Ukraine another Patriot missile system after Kyiv's desperate calls for air defenses
  • They cost a billion each to manufacture... Only 280 have ever been made...

    100k a month would be 100 trillion dollars a year, might be a bit overkill for just one weapon type.

    And that's not even getting to all the people needed to staff a battery.

    Anyways they did ramp up production, Ukraine is getting five more from the company of the 12 they can now build in a year. Should bring Ukraine up to ten batteries total by the end of the year including the gifted ones from the US and Germany.

  • US will send Ukraine another Patriot missile system after Kyiv's desperate calls for air defenses

    Good news, production was ramped up. Looks like Ukraine also is getting five more straight from the company this year, in addition to more coming from the US and Germany. I think the Netherlands sent one as well.

    US has 14 of them (well soon to be 13 I guess)

    By my count, with the three Ukraine has, the two more being given now, five more from the company, should bring them up to 10 batteries by the end of the year?

  • Trump says he'll work "side by side" with religious group that wants to "eradicate" abortion
  • I think that's a misreading of one statement, I think in context he's communicating, the president cannot pass laws. He's done everything he can within the powers of the executive branch to support reproductive rights. Without a congress that is willing to pass a law he can sign (including senators willing to overturn the filibuster), there is not much more he can do at this point.

    I guess you could say maybe he could veto all legislation unless they pass something codifying Roe v Wade? But I think that would backfire, as people begin suffering from massive government shutdowns and a few people just splinter to start voting with Republicans to over ride the vetos and effectively the Republicans are in control now and Roe v Wade still isn't codified.

    In the end Biden is right, at least with this form of government and this Supreme Court, a pro choice president isn't enough no matter how ferverent (though I would argue Biden has been the most ardent pro choice president there's ever been). We need a pro choice congress too, and senators with the courage to scrap the filibuster to protect a fundamental right and pass a law. Or a congress that is willing to pass a bill to expand the supreme court. It's just not something the president can do on his/her own.

  • Trump says he'll work "side by side" with religious group that wants to "eradicate" abortion
  • Holy crap you're awesome! A president supportive of abortion rights isn't a guarantee of getting something through, but it's definitely a whole lot easier than trying to get something through with a president that doesn't support them.

  • Trump says he'll work "side by side" with religious group that wants to "eradicate" abortion
  • The house did pass a bill codifying Roe v Wade with Biden's support during his first two years when dems still controlled the house. Biden tried to get the senate to overturn the filibuster to get the bill through. The first president to support overturning the filibuster for something in over 100 years to the best of my knowledge (I think Wilson was the last one to make an attack on the filibuster, but that was just to get it to our present day rules from an even worse version). And I already linked many active ways his administration has supported abortion rights and reproductive rights more generally throughout the first term. Sorry but I don't think there's any point in continuing the discussion any longer, because I think your mind is made up and no matter what I point out the goal posts will be shifted again.

  • Trump says he'll work "side by side" with religious group that wants to "eradicate" abortion
  • Did you look at any of the links? That's exactly what he said, multiple times in the past, and continues to do so, like in the state of the union... I linked tons of things his administration has done over multiple years, endorsements of his policies and budgets from abortion right groups for multiple years. I don't know what else I can tell you, I don't know how he could be any more clear in his statements.

    “If Americans send me a Congress that supports the right to choose, I promise you: I will restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land again,” the president said, with Supreme Court justices in attendance for this address to Congress.

    So I guess grab ten friends who aren't registered and get to voting.

  • Trump says he'll work "side by side" with religious group that wants to "eradicate" abortion
  • It is not hard to find tons of unequivocal statements of support, approval from major organizations like planned parenthood themselves of his policies and budgets, and many different executive department orders and initiatives begining early in his term. I agree with you he and democrats should continue to hammer that though, I'm just confused by comments acting like Biden hasn't expressed his support for abortion rights many times already, in both actions and words. He immediately took actions to help Planned Parenthood back in 2021 as some of the first things he did in office. Guess the dems just need better messengers if people are really missing all of this. But did any of you even watch the state of the union? He hammered on this pretty hard.

    “I believe that a woman’s right to choose is fundamental, Roe has been the law of the land for almost fifty years, and basic fairness and the stability of our law demand that it not be overturned,” Biden said

    “Her own life and ability to have children in the future were at risk,” Biden said. “It’s happening to too many others.” He warned that many Republicans in the room were promising voters that they would pass a national abortion ban. “My God what freedom else will you take away?” Biden said

    “We’ll continue to fight to protect access to reproductive health care and we urge Congress to restore the protections of Roe v. Wade in federal law,” Biden continued.

    Summary of more recent executive department actions:

    While more funding is urgently needed to fully support sexual and reproductive health care across the country and around the world, this budget is a strong indicator of the administration’s priorities

    Planned Parenthood Welcomes Biden Commitment to Sexual and Reproductive Health

    Column: A Trump-era attack on Planned Parenthood and women’s health comes to an end

  • Watchdog readies crackdown on predatory lending after Supreme Court win

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plans to restart its aggressive crackdown against payday lenders and other companies that offer high-cost, short-term loans to poor borrowers, after a Supreme Court ruling this week resolved a challenge to the federal agency’s authority to act.

    The decision is expected to ease some of the persistent political and legal obstacles at the CFPB, where powerful financial firms had blocked regulations, jeopardized the bureau’s funding and used the uncertainty generated by their battle to ward off recent probes and punishments.


    What Trump promised oil CEOs as he asked them to steer $1 billion to his campaign

    Trump’s response stunned several of the executives in the room overlooking the ocean: You all are wealthy enough, he said, that you should raise $1 billion to return me to the White House. At the dinner, he vowed to immediately reverse dozens of President Biden’s environmental rules and policies and stop new ones from being enacted, according to people with knowledge of the meeting, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a private conversation.

    8 Wisconsin Ethics Commission alleges illegal scheme by Trump fundraising committee and Rep. Janel Brandtjen

    The commission referred allegations to prosecutors against the Trump PAC, Rep Janel Brandtjen and others.

    Wisconsin Ethics Commission alleges illegal scheme by Trump fundraising committee and Rep. Janel Brandtjen

    A state oversight panel is recommending Wisconsin prosecutors pursue a slate of felony charges against a fundraising committee for Donald Trump and a Republican state lawmaker in a scheme to evade campaign finance laws surrounding an effort to unseat one of the most powerful Republicans in Wisconsin, Trump foe Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.


    Trump pardoned them. Now they’re helping him return to power.

    Never before had a president used his constitutional clemency powers to free or forgive so many people who could be useful to his future political efforts. A Washington Post review of Trump’s 238 clemency orders found that dozens of recipients, including Arpaio, have gone on to plug his 2024 candidacy through social media and national interviews, contribute money to his front-running bid for the Republican nomination or disseminate his false claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

    Ghost archive link:


    U.S. stops helping Big Tech spot foreign meddling amid GOP legal threats

    The federal government is no longer warning Meta about foreign influence campaigns, a shift that comes amid a legal campaign against the Biden administration’s communication with tech platforms.

    Archive link:


    US Government Releases New National Climate Assesment With Atlas National Climate Assessment Interactive Atlas

    The Interactive Atlas of the 5th National Climate Assessment of the United States provides maps, data, and stories from the 5th Assessment.

    National Climate Assessment Interactive Atlas

    This report is required by law every four years. The previous report was buried by the Trump administration. This time around Biden admin going to great lengths to publicize the report, including the creation of an Atlas allowing Americans to see how climate change is expected to affect their local area.