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Who would win: every human in the world vs. every animal in the world?
  • I think humans would have a hard time winning if animals have homo sapiens on their side

    If the animal team wouldnt include humans, would anyone win? If nukes were launched, even if no human on Earth was able to live, there are still people in space that would at least be able to survive for slightly longer, but would that even kill all the insects? How could humans even kill every single animal? How would the animals kill all the humans? It would be easier humans to coordinate than for animals and if the goal for the humans is survival and killing, would the animals be able to counter any strategy humans try?

  • new wolf
  • I think the scutes unlock the wolf armor recipe. It shows up in a corner for a bit and appears permanently in the recipe book

    How a player would learn how to get the scutes without outside help is harder to answer

  • Someone call CPS.
  • My biology teacher and chemistry teacher were friends

    My biology teacher told us once that the Jewish government is trying to trick kids in schools from Romania to become trans to solve overpopulation by telling them to take a pill to look better

    My chemistry teacher told us once that the Egyptians advanced technologically much faster than the rest of the world(saying that there are phone drawings in the pyramids),but since they were isolated, all the technology got destroyed from a nuclear war(or the equivalent of that)

    Fortunately, no one was paying attention

  • Anon pirates a game
  • At least in this context, handling a lot of tabs didnt matter because he had the startup option set to open the home page, not the previous pages and he doesnt use his pc enough to use this many tabs at once

  • Anon pirates a game
  • The bing homepage is so terrible

    I had a friend that used microsoft edge and bing because they were the default and said that firefox is the worst and edge is much better

    I did switch his default browser to firefox and search engine(on edge) to google(i wanted to switch to duckduckgo, but he hated it for no reason) while he was talking

  • if this post gets 1024 upvotes, i will post again with twice as wide en passant
  • According to Wikipedia, en passant describes the capture by a pawn of an enemy pawn on the same rank and an adjacent file that has just made an initial two-square advance.

    According to, adjancent means very near, next to, or touching

    According to sync, the image is 0.02 MB.

    Assuming stores images on floppy disks a diameter of 200mm that have a capacity of 80 kB, floppy disks store information on the entirety of their size, writing data from one side to the other and looping back to the other side when reaching the end of a row(i realized only after i did the math that floppy disks dont work like that) and i didnt make any mistakes in the math i am too lazy to explain in this reply, the distance between pieces is between 7 and 142 mm

    142 mm, compared to the distance between stars, is a very short distance, meaning that, in this situation, the en passant is a legal move

  • hmmm


    If on average, a person eats 8 spider in their sleep per year and assuming that no one other than one person ever ate a spider in their sleep, someone eats 64 billion spiders in their sleep per year

    If they only swallow spiders that are 0.1 mg, they would consume 6400 tons of spiders every year

    If they only consume spiders that are 175 g, they would swallow 11.2 billion tons of spiders every year

    Edit: i know its a myth, thats why i said "if"