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Kyle Rittenhouse’s family: We’re his collateral damage
  • “people still believe my mother drove Kyle or was somehow involved in his decision to go to Kenosha.”

    Was she not sitting right there behind him in court supporting what he did?

    my brother was involved in a tragic shooting incident,

    Fuck you.

  • Indigo Girls - Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits (acoustic cover) Romeo And Juliet

    Provided to YouTube by EpicRomeo And Juliet · Indigo GirlsRites Of Passage (Expanded Edition)℗ 1992 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.Released on: 1992-06-03Acous...

    Romeo And Juliet
    How did you acquire the first 1000 words?
  • This might be a dumb question, but the answer you were given that compared to Chinese made me wonder, did you learn the alphabet? A lot of English speakers assume Korean is a symbol based language, like Chinese, and expect to have to learn a whole word by sight. But Korean has an alphabet, and words can be sounded out phonetically. "Reading" words, even if I don't know what they mean, helps me recall meanings and decrease dictionary use for any individual word over time.

  • The time has come: Fisker has filed for bankruptcy
  • Oh. With an E. I was concerned there for a minute. Naming your company one letter off from one that's been around since the 1600s and internationally known for high quality kind of already says you're scammy and not to be taken seriously.

  • Post-Dobbs, Abortion Bans Have Given Abusers a New Power

    Since 2007, Jezebel has been the Internet's most treasured source for everything celebrities, sex, and politics...with teeth.

    Post-Dobbs, Abortion Bans Have Given Abusers a New Power
    0 High Interest Rates Are Hitting Poorer Americans the Hardest

    The economy as a whole has proved resilient amid the highest rates in decades. But beneath the surface, many low- and moderate-income families are struggling.

    High Interest Rates Are Hitting Poorer Americans the Hardest

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    > The economy as a whole has proved resilient amid the highest rates in decades. But beneath the surface, many low- and moderate-income families are struggling. > > High interest rates haven’t crashed the financial system, set off a wave of bankruptcies or caused the recession that many economists feared. > > But for millions of low- and moderate-income families, high rates are taking a toll. > > … > > The overall economy has proved unexpectedly resilient to high interest rates. Consumers have continued spending on travel, restaurant meals and entertainment thanks to rising wages and debt levels that, despite their recent increase, remain manageable as a share of income for most people. > > But aggregate figures obscure an underlying divide that is likely to widen the longer interest rates remain high. Affluent households, and even many in the middle class, have largely been insulated from the effects of the Fed’s policies. Many took out long-term mortgages when rates were at rock bottom in 2020 or earlier — if they don’t own their homes outright — and most have little if any variable-rate debt. And they are benefiting from higher returns on their savings. > > For poorer families, it is different. They are likelier to carry a balance on credit cards, meaning they’re more likely to feel high rates. According to Fed data, about 56 percent of people earning less than $25,000 carried a credit card balance in 2022, compared with 38 percent of those earning more than $100,000. Black Americans, like Ms. Dorsey, and Latinos are also more likely to carry balances. > > > Non-paywall link

    Do you use Firefox Sync? Why or why not?
  • No. I tried it once and lost half my tabs and bookmarks. I assume because they were different on each device I synced. One overwrote the other. Maybe if I had brought an in-use device into a new browser installation it would have worked as intended. But I don't trust it won't lose things now. All my devices have their own set of things to sync.

  • Powell: ‘The US is on an unsustainable fiscal path’

    Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said “the U.S. is on an unsustainable fiscal path” in a “60 Minutes” interview with Scott Pelley released Sunday. “The U.S. federal government’…

    Powell: ‘The US is on an unsustainable fiscal path’

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    2024 concerts, ALL-STAR WEEKEND & tours visiting Indy…

    2/4 - Mike Epps & Friends, Gainbridge Fieldhouse 2/10 - Allstars of R&B Lovefest - Clowes Hall (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/14 - The Players Ball - Hoops & Icons - Hinkle Fieldhouse (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/14 - Love & Laughter Bash - Clowes Hall (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/14 - Voices Ignited - Madam Walker (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/15 - NBA All-Star Tip-OFF, Bicentennial Unity Plaza (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/15 - The Players Ball - Hoops & Icons - Hinkle Fieldhouse (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/15 - All-Star Gospel Celebration - Madam Walker (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/15 - Legends of Gospel - Clowes Hall (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/15 - BUTTER at Indy's Home Court - Artsgarden (ALLSTAR WEEK) - FREE w/RSVP 2/15 - Voices Ignite - Martin University (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/16 - Mike Epps All-Star Throwback Concert - Madame Walker (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/16 - NBA Rising Starts Challenge - Gainbridge - (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/16 - Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game - Lucas Oil (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/16 - NBA Friday Night Concerts (T-Pain/Zedd) - Lucas Oil (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/16 - All-Star Weekend f/Boosie - Indy Vogue (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/16 - NBA Crossover 2/16-2/18 - Indiana Convention Center (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/17 - NBA All-Star Practice/Media Day - Gainbridge (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/17 - NBA HBCU Classic - Gainbridge (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/17 - NBA Saturday Pregame Concert - Lucas Oil (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/17 - State Farm All-Star Saturday Night - Lucas Oil (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/17 - All-Star Weekend f/2 Chains - Indy Vogue (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/17 - CROWNED - NBWA Women's Empowerment - NCAA Conference Center (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/18 - R&B Ain't Dead Day Party w/Tank - Indy Vogue (ALLSTART WEEK) 2/18 - NBA All-Star Game - Gainbridge (ALLSTAR WEEK) 2/22 - Steward Speakers/Shannon Sharpe - Warren Central High School 2/24 - Jon Baptiste, Old National Best Buy Teen Tech Center at MLK Center Indy 3/1 - Juneteenth Foodways Festival - Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site 3/2 - Indianapolis Comedy Festival, Indiana Farmers Coliseum 3/6 - Playboi Carti, Gainbridge Fieldhouse 3/8-3/9 - Trevor Noah, Old National Centre 3/15 - Ali Siddiq, Clowes Memorial Hall 3/20 - A Tribute to Whitney Houston, Old National Centre 3/30 - The Blues is Alright Tour, Indiana Farmers Coliseum 4/2-4/7 - Hadestown, Clowes Memorial Hall 4/17 - Steve Hackman, the Beatles, Indianapolis Symphony 4/30-5/5 - Tina Turner the Musical, Old National Centre 5/11 - NF, Gainbridge Fieldhouse 5/16 - Wanda Sykes, Clowes Memorial Hall 6/5 - Steve Hackman, Beyonce, Indianapolis Symphony 6/23 - Janet Jackson & Nelly, Gainbridge


    Growin’ Good in the Hood - Become an Urban Farm Entrepreneur Growin’ Good in the Hood

    Community Empowerment Through Self-Mastery

    Growin’ Good in the Hood

    Growin' Good in the Hood is a program to teach the community how to grow food from seed to harvest. Growers will get no-cost farming plots. All ages are welcome! This is a great opportunity for families. We will provide basic supplies/equipment and mentorship from a network of established farmers.

    0 Indiana Lawmakers Trying to Kill Historic Suit Seeking Gun Industry Accountability

    Gary, Indiana’s long-running lawsuit against the world’s largest gunmakers is jeopardized by a bill that would allow only the state to sue.

    Indiana Lawmakers Trying to Kill Historic Suit Seeking Gun Industry Accountability

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    Running up that hill Cover in Early Middle English BARDCORE/MEDIEVAL version. Original by Kate Bush.

    I guess we are still doing Kate this week. Petition to make her coververse mascot.


    Turning Down Food Aid for Millions of Children Reflects Shocking Political Callousness

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    > > Fifteen states — all but one run by Republican governors — skipped the deadline to apply for a new federally-funded program that will provide $120 per child for groceries during the summer months to families of children who already qualify for free or reduced-price lunch at school.

    America's fractured reality is fueling political violence

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    > Political violence is at historic levels in the US, and if recent events are any indication, things are about to take a turn for the worse just as we approach the 2024 presidential election campaign. This continues a trend that started in 2016, when politically-motivated violence spiked to levels not seen in decades, but what we’re seeing now seems to represent a shift in the trajectory of political violence — a shift towards more widespread, targeted, and high-impact violence. It’s the type of violence that accelerationist extremists have long espoused; the type that is meant to pave the way to another civil war. > > In just the past few weeks, we’ve seen a rash of swatting incidents targeting political figures, along with bomb threats sent to government offices in at least 23 states, resulting in the evacuation of at least nine state capitals. Most recently, Donald Trump’s trial in New York — where he faces fraud charges — was briefly paused after the judge overseeing the trial received a bomb threat against his home in Long Island. > > . . . > > These incidents are in line with a longer-term trend of increasing levels of political violence that began in 2016 and likely still hasn’t reached its peak despite reaching levels not seen in half a century. From 2021 through 2023, Reuters identified 213 cases of political violence in the U.S., representing “the biggest and most sustained increase in political violence since the 1970s.” At least 39 people were killed in these incidents, nearly all of which were perpetrated by people with right-wing political leanings. Compared to the last major peak of political violence in the 1970s, the aims, tactics, and style associated with political violence today are notably different. In the 1970’s, political violence in the U.S. was often perpetrated by left-wing radicals and focused largely on destroying property like government buildings, whereas the recent wave of violence from right-wing extremists is much more focused on harming or killing people. This may be due in part to differences in the broader political climate: traditionally, political divisions have been driven mostly by policy differences between those on the left vs. right, but today’s divisiveness tends to be rooted in beliefs that members of the opposing political party are evil actors working to destroy America.


    Ann Wilson - Forget Her (Live) - Jeff Buckley Ann Wilson - Forget Her (Live)

    Ann Wilson - Forget Her (Jeff Buckley) @ Hampton Beach 8/18/2021Website: h...

    Ann Wilson - Forget Her (Live)