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Nazi Propagandist Nick Fuentes Caught on Stream Watching Gay Porn
  • I have no idea what you mean. I was told by my grandparents that was my heritage: "German from Russia" both spoke fluent German, not Russian. I can't recall all the details, although they did make a pretty detailed family tree. But if you know better, yay for you, I guess.

  • MAGA Idiots Wearing Diapers For Cheeto Jesus
  • From what I recall, he's been doing it since at least "The Apprentice", where he'd shit himself on set and wouldn't do anything about it. It was alongside news about office cabinets and desk drawers crammed with boxes upon boxes of... Sudafed(?) but I don't know the pharmacology of that (shrug)

  • Six-month-old baby shot repeatedly during Arizona standoff with child’s father
  • I'm sitting in the pediatric ICU with my 1-month old child. Yesterday, she went into respiratory arrest and they called a code blue on her. I thought she was dying in my arms, and I'm still shaking with fear, although she's doing better. I CANNOT FATHOM any father putting their child into such harm. I hope, with all my heart, the child recovers fully, and the father died (or dies) slowly, screaming.

  • NSFW
    Group of invaders that tried to storm Ukranian positions in the Kharkiv region.
  • I'm only watching on my phone, and my eyesight isn't as good as it was so I may not be able to see everything here, but I only saw one that was really messed up, and even he was moving. Any way of knowing if any of these were playing opossum? I want Ukraine to prevail, but some of those guys didn't look "all the way dead",or even injured.

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