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And now you get the bad ending
  • This was me when I accidentally killed a Whimsun early in Undertale and didn't bother resetting because I thought I could still get a pacifist ending as long as my LV hadn't gone up. Though at the end of the day I guess it was fine since I got to test all the mean and flirty options that I hadn't picked before.

  • Don't try me because I looked at the Playtex girdles and feared nothing.
  • I'm not old enough to have used Limewire myself, but my dad used eMule to download some songs and movies that we liked in the early 2000s.

    Still, at 24 I'm basically middle-aged in internet years.

  • Violence on UCLA campus was linked to outsiders, CNN investigation finds | CNN

    CNN identified several of the counter-protesters who caused chaos at a protest at UCLA recently. Kyung Lah reports.

    Violence on UCLA campus was linked to outsiders, CNN investigation finds | CNN
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    goated movie btw you should watch it if you haven't already

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    I don't even know what's the discourse/drama surrounding this but it made me laugh
    Brazil floods: River levels rise again in Rio Grande do Sul
  • Sending my support from Santa Catarina 🫡

    I'd donate if I could but I don't have a single cent to my name

  • Funny, those guys don't usually agree on that much
  • For a more succinct answer:

    It's obviously tongue-in-cheek, but it gets the point across lol

  • It's not fair.
  • I prefer Indium.

  • Mental health rule
  • 24 lol

  • Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be privileged and safe
  • Not to sound like a Twitter wokescold or whatever, but Shaun does this all the time. A cishet white guy from England who won't be affected in any way by the outcome of the U.S. election, yet constantly tweets and retweets about how the Democrats and Republicans are totally equally bad and voting makes no difference.

    But when we look at what Republicans are doing and saying like...

    • Trump saying he'll be a "dictator for one day"

    • His lawyers arguing that a president killing an opponent should be considered an official act protected by law

    • The potential Republican vice-candidate bragging about shooting a puppy and other farm animals

    • Reports that DeSantis enjoyed torturing people at Guantanamo

    • Multiple Republican politicians and pundits calling for the eradication of trans people

    I think this take doesn't hold up. It's no coincidence that many of the people with this mentality are also the ones who'll be minimally affected by a Republican presidency, if at all.

  • I don't make the rules
  • I am the woke I can confirm that I made the sky gay and I'm coming for the sea next

  • Mental health rule
  • For "a little bit of trolling" I'd put this image:

  • Also, don't knock
  • are they also going to roleplay the memes

    i sure hope so

  • Wrong neighborhood
  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • What horror story/movie/game/whatever terrifies you even though it's fictional?
  • One that I really like is Dear David by Adam Ellis. And yeah yeah, I know that he's going for the usual "true ghost story" marketing shtick or whatever, but these stories that don't just use cheap jumpscares and instead build a sense of constant threat and impending doom are the ones that make it harder for me to sleep at night.

    I heard that the movie is trash though 🙈

  • UK ban on selling arms to Israel would strengthen Hamas, says Cameron
  • "I'm shaking my fist very angrily, Israel! You better watch out!"

  • Vandalism Rule
  • idk what you're talking about, blue is clearly just relaying facts in an objective manner. Yellow is the only one doing vandalism here.

  • In your country, what "common" animals are tourists most excited to see?
  • Capybaras are pretty common in the area where I live, and really throughout most of Brazil. Don't get me wrong, we still think they're pretty cute, but I've seen some Americans get really excited about them.

    Oh, and the maned wolf. To be fair, I think they're pretty neat too.

  • Transgender activists flood Utah tip line with hoax reports to block bathroom law enforcement
  • Sadly no, as some states don't have data for all the years or choose to not participate altogether. One example is Florida, which recently withdrew from the survey because they had "grave concerns" about the survey’s "inflammatory and sexualized" content:

    You can see the results for all available states and years here though:

  • Transgender activists flood Utah tip line with hoax reports to block bathroom law enforcement
  • I think there were much better ways for the Legislature to go about addressing their concerns, rather than this ham-handed approach.

    You mean the made up concerns about trans women in bathrooms that have no basis whatsoever in reality? Maybe the legislature should be more concerned with improving the lives of their constituents, or the fact that Utah has one of the highest CSA rates in the country.

  • Quote by one of the greatest minds of our time professor Portan Jeterson
  • Jordan blocked me so I can't see his tweets anymore, but I can't help but wonder if he's still posting insane shit every 2 minutes like he was around 2022-2023.

  • Twenty-nine research teams analyzed the same data, and they all reached different results.


    Another study with the same goal of comparing the results from different research teams found similar disparities, though the graphs aren't quite as pretty.



    Kevin May Try to Sleep with You

    I really wouldn't recommend letting him though.

    Fox and Daffodil by Matt Binstead



    Today is the first birthday of Silas from the Wolf Conservation Center!

    the goober stare


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    Al-generated content. You read that wrong.
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    Total eclipse path vs. Google search volume for "eyes hurt"

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