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A hybrid.

2oz tequila

2oz fresh grapefruit juice

1 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 oz Campari

1/2 oz simple syrup

Shake all, add 2 oz fizzy water, dirty pour into glass.

Delicious, honestly. Increase the sugar if you want it more Paloma like, or more of the Topo Chico, to make one like like Texas ranch water. Sub mezcal if you really hate Campari, but you may like it in this.

What is the weirdest flavoured thing you've had?
  • I like Campari in orange juice quite a lot, and love it in grapefruit based cocktails. Siesta with 2x the Campari is actually so good after the first sip to calibrate. In coffee though? Seems like it would amplify the unpleasant flavors in both.

  • What is the weirdest flavoured thing you've had?
  • I hate the negroni. Don't understand it, it's way too sweet, way too bitter, but mostly just sickeningly sweet. Like if it was dumped into a glass of soda water or lemon water it would probably be ok.

    Absinthe I think is just divisive because licorice/anise flavor is polarizing. I like it in cocktails, like Sambucca too. I love licorice flavors in general though.

  • What vegetables and fruits do you wish were commonly available in the US?
  • Sort of Meyer lemon with lime zest? The ones I got were not juicy at all, and what juice they had, I would prefer lime. But the zest of the yuzu is amazing, I do like it. You can buy yuzu sake, or a yuzu soda, to taste the flavor. Yuzu kosho is very different, savory and spicy, i made mine with grated fresh jalapenos and fermented it, absolutely divine.

  • Explosive police report reveals how Moms for Liberty co-founder arranged bisexual threesomes
  • The legal investigation started because their +1 partner accused the husband of raping her. Not because of the consensual play. She is only getting roasted for being hypocritical, not for having a girlfriend. And the legal investigation is about the rape, not the consensual sex.

  • What vegetables and fruits do you wish were commonly available in the US?
  • We can get yuzu fruit here (Florida) but couldn't get the seeds to sprout, not sure how the trees are propagated. Anyway - the fruit is underwhelming, the zest is divine, I made a yuzu kosho, it is delicious.

  • Saturday drink, what are you having?

    I'm having a bourbon and amaretto sour (inverted Morganthaler recipe, basically). Are you having a Saturday drink?

    anon is sus
  • I don't mind guys being awkward if they are at ease with it - I know this sounds like a contradiction but it's not. I have dated guys who were, by the world's standards, not outgoing or social or great at conversation, but who were clever as fuck, good in bed, and thoughtful, and not so entirely wrapped up in themselves.

    Employment though - my personal experience is that guys (the ones I have known) need to work or they get focused on threats, real or imagined, to the exclusion of all else.

  • What is the weirdest flavoured thing you've had?
  • I saw a recipe on.Bon Appetit for an orange juice and coffee drink, my initial impression was "no way" but I modified it a little and really liked it.

    Cold brew, fresh squeezed orange juice, and Topo Chico fizzy water, poured over ice.

    I also like the salad that is fennel, oranges and olives and onions, and also the Mexican fruit salad that's pineapple, mango, jicama, onion, with citrus juice dressing and cotija sharp crumbled cheese.

    I think that's it for combinations that sound awful to me but taste good to me.

  • Riff on Pas de Loup

    Not much to look at but tastes good.

    1 oz whiskey (bourbon is all I had but I would try with Scotch)

    1oz Mezcal

    1/2 oz Ancho Reyes

    3/4 oz Cynar

    1 oz lemon, 1 oz honey syrup

    It's quite good, I found the original on Mixel app, it seems they scraped it from Reddit? Original omits the whiskey, halfs the lemon and sweetener. But even with the additions I taste mostly mezcal and Ancho. Bitter in a good way.

    Do you like olives?
  • I think it's because they are old foods that civilizations grew up around, and also they have complex and strong flavors. People who shy away from strong and complex flavors are seen as less cultured with foods, right? I have a very "cultured" palate for foods but have trouble liking wine, so I say my palate for drinks is uncultured - I do like cocktails a lot, but wine I just usually tolerate, some is ok, none do I find delicious.

    Usually people who dislike olives are picky eaters in general. Not always, but if you don't like them you probably just get lumped in with the picky eaters.

    None of it matters, eat what you like, or grow your palate if you want. I have a challenge this year with my coworker who loves wine but is a ridiculously picky eater - I will try wine and he will try foods. We are challenging each other to expand our palates.

  • Chip Enjoyers - What's your favourite brand/type of chip?
  • Plain salt, kettle cooked, most brands are good. Chips/crisps are my favorite junk food but really the plain salt flavored ones, potatoes, oil, and salt are the best.

    I also like Red Hot Blues tortilla chips.

  • In what subtle (or significant) ways has your hometown changed since your childhood?
  • The biggest problem I have with the gentrification here is that if all the housing is expensive, the city will suck because the people who work here can't live here. We still have all the little places for now, all the restaurants and coffee shops and the pay is not good here (for all jobs) compared to similar sized cities elsewhere. Like, do we really want cops to not live where they work? Do we expect people to commute to work at the fast food places and grocery stores, the bodegas and botanicas?

  • When should you in fact: Ask to speak to a manager?
  • I wouldn't ask that exactly but "who can help?"

    Sometimes employees aren't empowered to do whatever it is you need done, but it is possible and allowed. That is when it's better to ask for someone who can.

  • Hi Lemmy, what are you drinking this weekend?

    I'm just having coffee (moka pot coffee with foamed milk!) and water today, can't relax yet. Considering what to make in the weekend.

    Smoky Spicy Strawberry

    A boozy Saturday drink.

    2oz bourbon

    .75oz good mezcal

    .75oz berry liqueur (any will work, or berry syrup, I used Montbisu Framboise)

    Bare splash of vanilla liqueur, shake of bitters, or splash of absinthe or amaro (I used the vanilla, if you have a more interesting berry liqueur it might not need anything here but mine is not complex)

    2 dropperful of fire tincture

    4 strawberries plus one for garnish

    1/2 tsp sugar (might not need if you have better strawberries)

    3/4 of a lemon

    Quarter the strawberries and put in shaker with 1/4 if the lemon, add the sugar and muddle the fruit. Add the booze, tincture, and juice of the half a lemon. Shake with ice and double strain, serve over big ice, garnish with the remaining strawberry.

    It's very good, I like bourbon with mezcal and like bourbon with strawberry so thought it worth trying. Lemon peel muddled adds bitter edge, don't omit.

    I was trying to make a strawberry heart but it came out more like wings!

    Queer Old Friend

    I am really sorry I didn't get a picture of the finished drink, too dark but it's gorgeous. I don't like the gin I have and thought vodka and mastiha would be more to my taste so:

    1.5 oz vodka

    2 oz adjusted grapefruit juice (juiced one sweet pink grapefruit and one lime, mixed, then measured 2 oz of the mix)

    1/2 oz each of the St. Germain, the Campari, and the Mastiha.

    Shaken, poured what fit into a coupe and drank the rest from the shaker, it's delicious and the dark pink with foam is really beautiful.

    May Cocktail Contest - a Dry Rum!

    Congratulations to [email protected] on the win for April, and to the closest challenger and most active participant BigGovernment[

    For May, the challenge is a less sweet rum drink. Roll out the barrel, pirates!

    The rules are even fewer than before, not requiring pictures since that's not working for everyone but a picture may get you more votes.

    The drink must be original (as far as you can tell with a quick online search). Can be wholly original or a variation on a standard. A complete recipe and your impressions - what does it taste like? Winner is the most upvoted, downvotes are discarded.

    Winner of the May contest can have glory unending, and can pick the theme for July.

    Whiskey Business Beam Suntory unveils new name - The Spirits Business

    After a decade under the ownership of a Japanese firm, Beam Suntory has revealed a new name, website and visual identity.

    Beam Suntory unveils new name - The Spirits Business

    I feel out of the loop, did not know that Jim Beam and Makers were owned by Suntory, now Suntory Global.

    Paloma de Jarritos

    2oz tequila

    Juice of one lime

    Grapefruit Jarritos

    Stirred and poured.

    I feel seen - cocktail ice We’ve Hit Peak Cocktail Ice

    Those clear cubes are certainly cool. But do they make your drink better?

    We’ve Hit Peak Cocktail Ice

    I've been an ice geek for 10 years, ever since we got 2 freezers. First with a lunch cooler, used to fill it, then melt off the cloudy part with hot water, then whack the clear ice with a rolling pin to break it into wee icebergs. The cooler cracked and I got a more intentional setup, now it's big cubes of clear ice, and big globes. I don't think it tastes better, it looks better and the size does matter. I shake drinks with regular ice, but almost always serve them on big clear ice. Love it.

    Rooti-Tooti Fresh and Fruity

    A simple Sunday drink. If you have followed this community you probably know I am a big fan of bourbon and fruit mixtures. This is:

    2oz bourbon (Evan Williams bottled-in-bond)

    1 oz St Germain

    1 oz Aperol

    1.5 oz fresh lemon juice

    1.5 oz bottled mango passion fruit juice

    Shaken then a splash of Topo Chico, dirty pour into pint glass.

    Spicy smoky margarita

    This one is, oddly, a little too muted in flavor. Not sure what it needs, but some adjustment. Maybe just a more assertive tequila, the Ocho Plato is so smooth, I love it but it doesn't stand up to strong flavors, or maybe it just needs a little more bitterness, shake the lime peels in with the rest of it.

    2 oz tequila blanco

    1/2 oz each of orange liqueur, Ancho Reyes Verde, green chartreuse, mezcal (the good one. The Chipicapa is so delicious you can just mix it with tequila or whiskey and sip it)

    Juice of one lime. !

    Bourbon Sour, local bars

    So, we've been doing the world's slowest bar crawl, having one drink a week, at different bars at this posh outdoor mall where the grocery is. So far:

    Sports bar - not even shaken, sour mix and bourbon poured over ice. Actually bad.

    Casual fresh organic restaurant - bartender asked if I wanted egg white and cracked an egg to get it! So good. Amaretto cherry, very classic.

    Rooftop bar - good but not as good as it was expensive. Shaken, tasty.

    Asian restaurant - again, not shaken, and this time with a splash of soda? And some bourbon floated on top too. It was good (good bourbon, real lemon, not sweet) but not what I expected.

    I have been really surprised to get this much difference in less than a square block.

    What are you drinking, Lemmy? April edition

    I am having another split base version of one of my standards:

    1 oz cognac

    1 oz bourbon

    1 oz Heirloom Pineapple Amaro

    1 oz Giffard Abricot

    1.5 oz fresh lemon juice

    Shake shake shake and strain over ice.


    Rita, Naked and famous

    This is a Frankenstein's monster of a smashup, and it's great. I have some tequila I don't love (have yet to meet a cristalino I actually like) and Naked and Famous is a little too sweet/strong/syrupy for me. So:

    2 parts tequila.

    2 parts lime.

    1 part yellow Chartreuse.

    1 part mezcal (maybe a little more)

    1 part Aperol

    1/4 part simple syrup

    Combine and shake with ice, not too much, it wants some dilution. Serve up or on one big ice cube. (Or you could shake with lots of ice and serve on crushed ice. I make the giant clear ice mostly for my husband, who is a bourbon -with-one-ice-cube guy, but I love them so use them sometimes when maybe something else would be ideal taste wise.)

    It's really, really good. First tastes sweet, then the complexity lands, so satisfying . Would be even better with good tequila. Obviously the tequila and mezcal have an affinity, I think I'd reduce the lime and omit the sugar syrup next time but that was just "one lime", I didn't think it would be too much with the Aperol and Chartreuse but it was. Also it's a gorgeous ballet pink color that doesn't come though well in the picture.

    Mostly Orange Elderberry & Vodka

    Using up the aging citrus in the fridge.

    2oz Tito's 1oz St Germain 3oz fresh squeezed OJ 1oz fresh lemon.

    Strained the juice into the shaker with everything else, shake & dirty pour. Good, fresh and fruity, but I think not as good as a Harvey Wallbanger!

    Sunday Sidecar

    2 oz cognac, one of Cointreau, one of lemon.

    Can't go wrong with what is essentially a margarita build.

    April cocktail challenge, Cynar.

    No entries to the March contest so no winner. For April our ingredient challenge comes from @[email protected],winner of the February challenge who suggested Cynar, Artichoke April.

    The rules are few. At least 3 ingredients, must be (as far as you can tell) a novel drink or novel variation on a known cocktail. Winner is most upvoted, any downvotes are discarded.

    Post requirements: A picture, a recipe including measurements and directions, and a reaction - how was it? What does it taste like, mouth feel, anything you notice when drinking it.

    (Removing the requirement for a picture as nobody is including one and Lemmy sometimes fights them).

    Adjusted Paper Plane

    An aperitif before tostadas of black beans and leftover steak, onions, cheese and homegrown lettuce. I really like Paper Plane in theory but in practice it's way too sweet and slightly too muted for my palate. This is my favorite variation - twice the bourbon, splash of Campari, little more lemon than the original. So, not so sweet and just a little more tart, bitter, and boozy.

    2oz Evan Williams bottled-in-bond

    1oz Aperol

    1oz Amaro Nonino

    1.25oz lemon

    Splash of Campari (about 2 teaspoons, maybe less, I think of it as adjusting the Aperol)

    Shake shake shake. Half into this coupe, half into the freezer for after dinner.

    Tequila Ocho Tequila Ocho unveils packaging rebrand - The Spirits Business

    The new global design for Tequila Ocho will debut in the US and Mexico starting in April with other markets to follow.

    Tequila Ocho unveils packaging rebrand - The Spirits Business

    I like this tequila, and am glad to see the new bottles will fit in my drink cabinet. The old ones are sleek and beautiful in proportion like sort of narrow wine bottles but too tall for the shelves.

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