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seize the means of production
  • Having no masters would be exactly the aim. Ultimate power should lay in the hands of the people and government should only exist to serve the will of said people. I don't fully know what that should look like but I can say for sure we've tested a lot of ideas that aren't that, and that we should try some new things because what were doing now isn't working.

  • seize the means of production
  • Continuous community organization and demonstration. Systematic election reform. Solidarity

  • RIP in pieces
  • The dumbass bought a thing that the strongest and most valuable thing it had to offer was brand recognition and immediately eliminated the branding.

  • seize the means of production
  • We've tried that. What's prone to happen is the corporations spend money to the municipalities to deregulate. Let's stop giving them the chance. It hasn't worked. Let's instead go back to treating utilities as publically beneficial

  • seize the means of production
  • You fundamentally misunderstand what people are calling for. The aim of making utilities public isn't the enrichment of a small few, its to spread the benefits of society to all who contribute. The core of this is that we want responsible accountability and the best way to do that is to operate with a communal mindset. One in which if we find a political officer is abusing their position of power we can remove them and restore the material wealth stolen to who it belongs to. You're so used to operating in a system where positions of power go to the already wealthy that you're assuming that's what we're still calling for. Collaborative cooperation has become such a foreign concept to you that you're completely ignoring that we're saying utilities and services should enrich no one but society as a whole

  • RIP in pieces
  • No for sure. But people were treating it like it might be legitimate

  • seize the means of production
  • Meanwhile FedEx consistently says I wasn't home when they tried to deliver which is highly interesting because I work from home and never leave my neighborhood on workdays. If they tried to make a delivery I'd see the truck. They just leave the "we missed you" post it without ever ringing the bell or knocking at the door

  • RIP in pieces
  • I find no reputable sources reporting his death

  • Breezy Weather: An open-source, privacy-friendly Android weather app forked from the now-unmaintained Geometric Weather
  • I've landed on it as the best blend of accurate and not terrifying for security

  • Breezy Weather: An open-source, privacy-friendly Android weather app forked from the now-unmaintained Geometric Weather
  • They have three choices of API to use. One of which is NOAA whose data license is compatible with F-Droid's free network resources definition

  • On a huge election year for the world, Meta will shut down CrowdTangle, it's tool for election integrity observers without replacement
  • It would benefit a social cause that is near and dear to his heart: making Mark Zuckerberg extremely wealthy

  • Helldivers 2’s Politics Appear To Be Flying Over The Heads Of Some
  • Bruh the more light we can shed on media literacy in this election year the better...

  • Storm Troopers are known for their accuracy
  • You're missing out! The Gendi Clone Wars are great! They show a Jedi order at the height of their spectacular star wars powers. It feels a little cheesy and ridiculous but like... In a super charming way like a 40s film serial or 70s kung fu movie

  • It used to be good. Then, nationalism
  • The settled on term is "alt country", though a lot of country fans prefer to other modern mainstream radio country as "bro country" since alt country implies that alt country is a departure from traditional country despite being more of a return to classical roots than an intended presentation of departure from the norm. I often tell people if Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton were starting their careers today they'd definitively be put in the alt country bucket.

    Which also gets me to an important point I wish more people would take into consideration: genre is a constructed element of music, largely stemming less from artistic movements and more from radio formats. The modern day music landscape has much less to do with artistic expression and much more to do with what advertisers thinks will sell tires, cheap beer, and fast food combo meals. Even deconstructed genres like hyperpop stem from the record industries need to assign everything to a specific radio format and artists wanting to put a spotlight on the commercialization of one of humanities oldest endeavors (song / dance).

  • Anyone tried CoffeeSock? A V60 Style Reusable Cloth Coffee Filter
  • I conceptually like them but I honestly find maintaining them too much work... If you can remember the frequent boilings they need, they make excellent coffee

  • Over 80 Percent Of Texas Women Don't Know How Bad Their State's Abortion Laws Are | They thought there would be exceptions. There aren't.
  • 100%, and I see SO MANY pissy high brow leftists working against their own best interests here on Lemmy. We need to show democrats that we have the voting power to stop the parade of neo liberals in big elections when the average democrat voter is social liberal (and the non-participant would be voters and third party voters are even more socially oriented than that)

  • Over 80 Percent Of Texas Women Don't Know How Bad Their State's Abortion Laws Are | They thought there would be exceptions. There aren't.
  • Too many Democrats still think their copilot is a rational actor and not a coked out gorilla. Reaching across the aisle hasn't been an option for at least a decade but the democrats want to just act like the coked out gorilla holding the other yoke is willing to go back to a pre-Reagan era of collaborative legislation. We need to vote the republican party out of relevance, and then vote the apologist democrats out if relevance to so we can get some actual election reform

  • Republican who supported “Don’t Say Gay” law sues Pride parade for barring his participation
  • They always seem to forget freedom of association is included in the first amendment, and that includes the right to tell Someone you don't like them and don't want to be around them

  • It used to be good. Then, nationalism
  • Nooo. This is a very narrow perspective on country. The original county artists were all on the margins and most of them fucking hated the jingoistic notions of America being great because being poor or black in America in the late 40s wasn't a good time

  • Beehaw is also down, but they elected to do it Beehaw (@[email protected])

    Hi Beeple! I (Lionir) have shut down the server until further notice. There seems to be a big vulnerability in Lemmy at the moment that is propagating at an alarming rate. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Hope this doesn't last too long.

    Lionir elected to prevent any potential data leaks by shutting down Beehaw until the issues and are identified and resolved

    13 Fairphone 4—the repairable, sustainable smartphone—is coming to the US

    Fairphone teams up with the developer of the /e/ Android fork to enable US sales.

    Fairphone 4—the repairable, sustainable smartphone—is coming to the US

    Not much to add. Saw it in another technology forum and thought it also belonged here for the solarpunks