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Tesla Cybertruck Dominated by F-150 Lightning In Sand Drag Race
  • Most F150 owners also own a fart rocket

  • Donald Trump says hush-money trial 'very hard' on wife Melania
  • "Cheated on" doesnt apply here. Its not a marriage, he purchased her and she agreed to be purchased. Donald is incapable of love so he purchased a wife. She hates him and was probably elated someone else was taking the sex burden off of her for a minute.

  • The upside-down American flag goes mainstream as a form of right-wing protest
  • Now is your chance to sell the new upside down american flags for triple the price to the stupidest people on planet earth. Do it quick before they realize they can just flip over the 27 flags they already own. End your ebay listing with god bless to really sell it.

  • Russian patriotism
  • Bald and obese. Just like american patriots.

  • Male birth control gel is safe and effective, new trial findings show
  • I know a couple dudes who could use a good slathering of this stuff

  • Tesla Cybertruck Dominated by F-150 Lightning In Sand Drag Race
  • Cybertruck cant really truck. Turns out its just hot wheels for man-children.

  • Emergency Slide Falls Off Plane, Winds Up At Home Of Lawyer Whose Firm Is Suing Boeing
  • Why have they not outlawed boats? Boats are safer than cars.

    Why havent we killed all the cobras? Cobras are safer than boats.

    Why havent we outlawed kitchen knives? Kitchen knives are safer than cobras.

    Am I doing this right? Its a fun game which deflects blame and changes the subject quite effectively.

  • Emergency Slide Falls Off Plane, Winds Up At Home Of Lawyer Whose Firm Is Suing Boeing
  • What do you call a lawyer killed by an emergency slide? A good start.

  • Besides lemmy, what's another good reddit alternative?
  • Never heard of phuks. Went there and immediately the first thing I came across was hate speech. Assuming its not open source?

  • What is something you did for the first time recently?
  • What was hard about it? Also what was the wall for?

  • What is the role of a pro plumber when a shower leaks?
  • You may want to call a tile setter or kitchen and bath remodeler. Tile setters build concrete (mud pans) and install fiberglass pans. Remodelers often install fiberglass pans. Either trade should kinda specialize in this. Plumbers only care if pipes are leaking not if water is penetrating walls. Also fiberglass pans are supposed to be set in concrete (mud set) so they dont flex and leak. Good luck.

  • Tesla’s in its flop era
  • Turns out business is easy when running a virtual monopoly while receiving truckloads of government welfare. Shit gets harder when actual car manufacturers get in on the game, competing with an i-phone you put wheels on and called a car.

  • Live Updates: Prosecutors Say Trump’s Attacks Are Threat to Trial
  • Is the jury in the room for the coontempt hearing?

  • Hello, All!
  • Good for you. Sounds like you understand the message and intend to act upon it. Not all people do. Happy travels!

  • ‘Sovereign citizen’ shot, killed during exchange with Harris County deputies
  • Passive language, "was struck"= the cop shot her