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But who is fundamentally in the wrong here?
  • Honestly I think the interconnected map of DS1 is one of its best features and is under-appreciated and no game since has even come close in that regard. It was a very metroidvania map and I love it

  • Dog Whistle Posted on the Road
  • To be fair children are going to internalize what’s taught in their household by their parents and family members far more easily than what’s in school, especially when those teachings are reinforced by their peers, friends, authority figures, local culture…

  • Right wing shit post
  • He’s a horrible fucking person but true or not I think that’s a fucked thing to make fun of someone for. Ridicule his words and behavior, not his illnesses and other such things that he can’t control which he shares with many other better people. Maybe I’m overthinking but it just seems to miss the point

  • Rule

    Saw this fascinating specimen of a vehicle on my way home from work