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  • You can easily tell it’s not American because it’s even there in the first place. You don’t get a sign explaining the bike paths and crosswalks in America. You just gotta know or get fucked. Also we wouldn’t have a complicated bike route we just wouldn’t have one, solves that issue…

  • Fallout 76 Players Are Seeing an Increase in Griefing
  • You can tell as well. It really isn’t bad like that and it’s just materials you gather nonstop anyway. They aren’t stealing weapons or ammo or meds, they can’t. Literally can only break your camp by being in pvp with you which you can turn off so you never are. iI they nuke you which is at least 10+ minutes to setup and then a 2 minute countdown until the nuke hits your camp, you can easily switch camps or log out of the server. Also nukes are how you take on bosses for the most part so it’s not usually put on a camp.