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What's Some Tech That Was Better Than It Is Now?
  • Google keyboard before they went all in on machine learning for spelling and grammar. It was freaky good at correction, then immediately fell off a cliff. It still replaces my son's name, which I type multiple times a day, with a less common name even when I type it correctly. I've removed the wrong name from the dictionary but no dice, still gets it wrong.

  • New York bridge gets stuck open after getting too hot
  • Rail is laid at a "neutral temperature" calculated from the min and max temperatures of an area. They want the rail to not pull apart in the cold or buckle in the heat. If average temperatures go up that calculated neutral temperature goes up so rail laid at a lower neutral temperature are more likely to buckle.

  • I'm helping I promise!
  • When my cat was a kitten, I played with her paws and claws regularly to get her used to it. After a few weeks of that I had no problem clipping her nails. I don't think she likes it but she tolerates it and gets loves when we're done.

    I also glue "soft paws" to her claws because she loves to destroy carpets and furniture despite the cat trees and our efforts to deter her.

  • What's your go to drink when you go to the bar and why?
  • Something bitter and not too sweet, whatever they have. At home I make bourbon and soda with a splash of orange bitters or change it up with a different spirit.

    I like bitter and don't really like sweet. Adding club soda makes the drink stretch farther and reduces dehydration. If I order drinks neat I drink them too fast, drink too many, and end up paying for it with my wallet and my headache.

  • Duluth Minnesota Pulptastic

    Looks like we're getting more federal funding for the Northern Lights Express FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces Billions to Deliver World-Class High-Speed Rail and Launch New Passenger Rail Corridors Across the Country | The White House

    $8.2 Billion from the President’s Investing in America Agenda to Deliver Transformative Passenger Rail in America President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda – a key pillar of Bidenomics – is delivering world class-infrastructure across the country, expanding access to economic opportunity, and cr...

    FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces Billions to Deliver World-Class High-Speed Rail and Launch New Passenger Rail Corridors Across the Country | The White House
    Smoking Pulptastic

    Father's Day smoked salmon has begun

    Pics to come tomorrow. This is a recipe I got from someone at r/smoking years ago and has been my go-to ever since. I usually brush half the pieces with maple and half I leave alone. The ones without maple have a smokier taste and are a tad crustier, a taste and texture I prefer for smoked salmon. I often brine overnight, rack the fish on the counter and use a fan to form a pellicle while the smoker is heating up. Takes roughly six hours to cook at the low temp smoke setting on my pellet grill.

    Recipes: Thaw fillets, remove skin, cut the fillets lengthwise right down the middle and cut these strips into 7" or 8" lengths (usually 1/3 of the length of the fillet).

    Brine: Put 1/2 quart of apple juice in a pot on the stove, bringing to low boil & then down to simmer. Add to this; 6 ounces of soy sauce 1/2 cup of non-iodized salt 1/2 cup of brown sugar 1/2 tsp of Garlic powder 1/2 tsp of Onion powder 1/2 tsp of Cayenne pepper 1/2 tsp of Dried Bay Leaf Flakes (or 2 or 3 fresh bay leaves)

    Stir until salt is dissolved. Then add 1 1/2 quarts of water & ice to cool quickly.

    Leave the Salmon pieces submerged in this brine for 4 hours (under 1/2") to 6 hours (over 1/2")

    Dry the salmon and put on rack in fridge overnight to form a pellicle.

    Smoke on low until internal temp reaches 145+. Brush with maple syrup once an hour to keep moist.

    Edit: and here's a progress pic. Peppered on the left, maple on the right. Finished product looked very similar but a bit darker. Taste and texture were great. Funnily, the maple finished first despite getting brushed hourly.