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Apple: Your data is never stored or made accessible to Apple
  • Do you have proof of this? Apple generally does not comply with requests for data unless legally mandated (which not all companies hold firm to, some just hand it over on request (Ring security... Any bells? 😂)). Additionally, they've made significant strides to enable E2E encryption across icloud and their devices, making the data inaccessible by anyone but the device owner.

  • What type of fence would you think is the most feasible and secure for your base?
  • There's a few YouTube channels (I don't have them on hand) where the creators make videos of them using old style tools and methods to move massive materials just by exploiting leverage. It might be of interest to you if you Google it.

  • Andrej Karpathy endorses Apple Intelligence
  • You almost certainly run all of your software on code you lack access to the source for. Firmware and etc has been completely proprietary for ages. There's even a tiny proprietary os embedded in almost every processor on the planet. Your statement lacks context of computing and shows a misplacement of trust.

  • Andrej Karpathy endorses Apple Intelligence
  • Apple secures third party audits for their devices and designs, additionally security researchers have methods of verifying certain aspects of device behavior. People dig into stuff and Apple has not only a history of good privacy design, but as far as I'm aware they've never been caught doing anything remotely out of scope of their tight knit privacy policies with user data. Your complaint is baseless.

  • Antitrust Enforcers to Break Up Ticketmaster and End the "Ticketmaster Tax"
  • In a way, you’d be right. Anything can be bought in America with enough ad dollars. To be honest though they probably didn’t think the FTC had the balls to try it, so we’ve probably not seen the ad-dollar misinformation macchine spin up quite yet.

  • Everything must be a subscription service
  • Idk, generally when a company tries a subscription server /this/ cheeky, they at least provide quality maintenance since margins are so batshit insane anyway. Then again enshitification has been basically coined in the last year or so... Maybe I'm just too optimistic

  • Stealing everything you’ve ever typed or viewed on your own Windows PC is now possible with two lines of code — inside the Copilot+ Recall disaster.
  • It's interesting Microsoft beat infostealer malware to the implementation. It's particularly crazy to me too because something akin to Recall has literally been my "worst fear" A.I. Malware implementation since I first learned llms could process images (imagine running the model using security footage from the hacked ancient cctv solution your company is definitely using) but they've gone and pushed it as a "feature" and baked it directly into the OS. The mind boggles. 🤷‍♂️

  • How to focus my time on creating free/libre software but still survive?
  • I've seen a lot of people do it and publish YouTube videos of their coding. Generally they attach a patreon/etc to the channel and let their viewers take a vote towards what they'd like to see worked on from a list of options. That'd allow you to make awesome software for people to actually use and receive near real-time community feedback, as long as you're up to the spotlight.

  • I could never afford to go vegan
  • I disagree. The local salad shop charges $16 for a salad, I can get a burrito from the place right behind it that will be the same size/quality for $11, 14 if I want chips/queso with it.

  • I could never afford to go vegan
  • If you wish to understand it, it's more complex than just the foods. It involves cooking times, convience locations, etc, etc. Humans suck at communicating these auxiliary pressures when discussing their decisions, but I know there's times in my life where I just could not be bothered to cook after a 14 hour workday and any vegan/vegetarian alternatives that were "what I wanted" (IE something to make me happy/comfortable that I didn't have to cook or wait long for) were shockingly expensive even being $2-5 more on average than the meat counterparts at the restaurants nearby despite the reduced ingredient cost.