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The 2010 "phone wars"
  • No kidding, I was so excited for the Storm. A Blackberry was the phone to have in the latter half of my high school years, so I was absolutely thrilled that RIM found an answer to Android and the iPhone. And then I tried the thing and couldn't be more disappointed. The clickable touchpad definitely has a top ten spot for worst gimmick ever.

  • Slorp
  • 23 and Me customer here, and I couldn't relate more. When I reached out to support to ask what data was stolen and how much they were planning on compensating me for having my genome leaked to the web, their answer was basically "We have no idea what you're talking about. lol fuck you"

  • blahaj
  • By "zip file", I meant a compressed archive. I'm not as nerdy as you guys are so I see now that there is a difference. I appreciate the correction.

    That said, you have to admit that it's still cool that these different file formats are nothing more than archives. Maybe not to you but it blew my mind when I first learned this.

  • blahaj
  • Well fair enough. You clearly have more knowledge on the subject than I do.

    FWIW, by "zip file", I meant that the file is a compressed archive. Apologies for implying a specific file format. That wasn't my intention.

  • LindowsOS, 2001
  • Same but I didn't try it until it was already renamed to Linspire. First heard* about it when The Screen Savers discussed Microsoft suing them over the *indows part of the name on TechTV.

    Miss that channel so much. I was pissed the fuck off when G4 came out of nowhere, bought out the channel and turned it into a Mountain Dew and Doritos network for edgy gamers. Attack of the Show was okay, though. But it was nowhere near is good as TSS was. *sigh*

  • priorities rule
  • And for what it's worth, it's Nintendo of America that censors everything, not Nintendo of Japan.

    For example, did you know the reason why the old man in the first Gen Pokémon games was passed out in the middle of the road? He was absolutely hammered. In the American version, he's throwing a tantrum because he hasn't had his coffee yet. And that's just one such example. There's thousands more. NOA loves to censor everything.

  • Starbucks sponsors Republican National Convention
  • Pepsi owns SoBe? Is that the reason why it comes in those shitty plastic bottles now? The glass ones were perfect for turning them into waterfall bongs. All you had to do was just tap the indent with a hammer and nail, and it would form a perfect little hole. Miss doing that in my 20s when I was too broke to buy a proper pipe.

  • Biden says it’s ‘time to outlaw’ AR-15 after Trump assassination attempt
  • Have you ever fired one before? They are way more accurate than a handgun. You could be 5ft away from someone with a handgun and still miss (especially in a high adrenaline situation). It's considerably more difficult to miss with an AR.

  • blahaj
  • Speaking of which, it blew my mind when I discovered that .EXEs are just zip files compressed archives. Same goes for .DLLs, and a lot of other common Windows file extensions as well. (.DOC too, for example IIRC). They all open in your favorite archiver software (I like NanaZip; which is a fork of 7-Zip with a modern UI).

  • Warframe devs report 80% of game crashes happen on Intel's overclockable Core i9 chips — Core i7 K-series CPUs also have high crash rates
  • My experience is similar now that you mention it. The only game that crashes on my AMD machine is Spider-Man 2 Brazil, but probably because it's a literal PS5 game that was hacked and slashed together to run natively on PC, a full year before the official port was scheduled to come out. So I don't blame it.

    I picked a good time to switch to Team Red. It's my first AMD build ever, and after fixing a "failing SSD" issue simply by re-seating it, the PC's been running like a dream.