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AOC files articles of impeachment against Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito
  • AOC for president woooo!

    She's eligible right now because she'll be 35 by inauguration day.

  • I'm an adult, I do whatever the fuck I want
  • Liam Neeson tried eating Trix and got his ass beat.

    Stay safe OP!

  • GameCube Gets Achievements Thanks To The Dolphin Emulator | Time Extension
  • Feeling kinda neutral on this one. Nice that it’s added but I always liked that Nintendo games didn’t have these. I can just tell people I beat the SMS Plinko game.

  • Sony is killing off recordable Blu-ray, bidding farewell to disc burning | TechSpot
  • As long as there are people for whom streaming compression isn't acceptable, there'll be a market for Bluray movies/TV shows.

  • The Absurdity of the Dump-Biden Uprising
  • It's not like it's a singular action he can take. It's going to take weeks of consistent behavior before people believe any kind of short-term issue like a cold.

    Can he do it is one question. Is there enough time is another.

  • Announcing the Ladybird Browser Initiative
  • Making a web browser that’s fully compatible with modern standards is not easy nor cheap (and worse it’s a moving target because the standards keep evolving). I’m rooting for these folks but eventually money will be an issue.

  • Biden says ‘we did well,’ no concerns about debate performance [Brett Samuels | 06/28/24 | The Hill]
  • It’s not going to matter how Trump did because there’s gonna be clips of Biden all over social media showing him mumbling and stuttering. He looked terrible, the attack ad footage is just there for the taking.

  • Update: IRS successfully launches their own free Direct File - now ALL of my fellow 'murcans are eligible for 2025
  • free filing would discriminate against the poor

    As opposed to the current system where the richest among us can hire a whole team of accountants to find every deduction possible?

  • Update: IRS successfully launches their own free Direct File - now ALL of my fellow 'murcans are eligible for 2025
  • You're acting like the filing that would come from the government would be the final record and you wouldn't be allowed to correct it, which is not at all what people are suggesting.

    Plus, audits will still be a thing.

  • Donald Trump's popularity is soaring
  • It's honestly getting infuriating how people around here don't want to acknowledge what Biden's been doing the last 3 years. Yours is one of the few positive comments I've seen about JB in months.

  • Update: IRS successfully launches their own free Direct File - now ALL of my fellow 'murcans are eligible for 2025
  • Doubt there is one. The hard truth is that most Americans' taxes are pretty simple and straightforward. We can stop pretending that copying some boxes from a W2 and a 1099 is difficult.

    I mean, personally I wish we'd stop pretending that the IRS isn't already fully aware of what you owe and could just do the filling for you, like in other countries, but until Grover Norquist fucks off forever we're stuck where we are.

  • Julian Assange: WikiLeaks founder wins U.S. extradition appeal
  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange won the right to challenge a British court's decision to extradite him to the U.S. to face espionage charges

    Emphasis mine, since the headline is poorly worded. He didn't win an appeal, the court agreed that he can appeal. He still could be shipped off to the US and then eventually <blacksite prison name not found>.

  • New ASUS router firmware now requires a user to be 16y or older and will restrict features and even security upgrades if you opt out
  • Watching the GN video was insane because I had that exact same experience with ASUS 10 years ago. Back when they made the Nexus 7. I had to RMA 3 of those dam things and each time I had to go through that song and dance with the RMA forms. I think when the 4th one failed I just gave up, recycled it, and moved on from this company as a whole.

    Looks like nothing's changed, which means this way of treating their customers is endemic at this point. They're a lost cause.

  • Biden pledges to name progressives to the Supreme Court, suggesting he expects vacancies
  • McConnell has already said

    Let me stop you right there, because this man has already shown his word doesn't mean anything. It shifts with the political winds.

    Democrats have to win in a lot of red states this time around. I'd be over the moon if that happened, but maybe we should have a backup plan in case Democrats lose in Ohio, Montana and Texas.

  • Report: Institutional Investors Will Own Over 40% of Single-Family Rental Homes by 2030
  • I’d say it’s fine to be an investment for individuals and families. You should be able to at least break even on something you owned for 3 decades that’s still in good shape.

    But that’s all. No LLCs or S Corps or any of that shit. People should own homes!

  • Biden pledges to name progressives to the Supreme Court, suggesting he expects vacancies
  • Even if you hate Biden because of Israeli support

    i.e. don't be a single-issue voter.

  • Biden pledges to name progressives to the Supreme Court, suggesting he expects vacancies
  • It's very likely the GOP will win control of the Senate, and if they do McConnell would sooner die than let Biden even consider nominating someone.

    Still gonna vote for Biden though, because if Trump wins the Conservative justices will all retire at once and they'll nominate 30-year-olds to fill in. I don't want 60+ more years of a Conservative court majority!

  • The first social media babies are adults now. Some are pushing for laws to protect kids from their parents’ oversharing
  • I just can't understand why they wouldn't post private

    Do they know any better? Facebook users don't strike me as the most technically savvy.

  • Judgment day looms for Donald Trump in New York | CNN Politics
  • Wow, literally the first sentence and already this article is full of shit.

    His reputation is set in stone already. No matter what the jury decides he will appeal, and keep appealing until there's no one left to appeal to. He will not drop out of the race even if he is jailed (spoiler alert, he won't be), but assuming hell freezes over he'll still get at least 40 million votes.

    Fuck articles like this. Why even post this click-bait trash!?

  • Democrats plan to nominate Biden virtually to avoid missing Ohio's ballot deadline
  • You're talking about the Federal level, which has nothing to do with the DNC's current problem in Ohio. They've been running around all year trying to change the order in which the states vote. So far, most all of them have told the DNC to pound sand, including Ohio. This deadline did not spring up out of nowhere, and it's only a problem because of the DNC's poor planning.

    Seriously what was the plan? Ignore the deadlines and expect a last-minute exception to be made? I'm not singing the praises of the Ohio GOP, and I agree they're being dicks about this, but who really caused this problem? Ohio didn't set the DNCC date. States run their elections how they want. A federal officer coming in and saying "No, do it this way because we said so" isn't how the this system was intended to function.