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Psaldorn Psaldorn

I'm a Streamer and Software Dev in Liverpool, UK.

Stop by if you fancy a chat or whatever,

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  • Try hitting the hd/full button, could be an issue with the downscaled version (ok for me on boost unusually)

  • Zoom exec calls in-office work mandate a ‘success’ — despite working remotely himself
  • The guy that thinks people will send ai clones of themselves to meetings?

    That guy?

    The guy that thinks a meeting populated only by fake people will be Zooms future? But also isn't investing in any of this tech, just thinks it will "happen"?

    How has their stock not gone to zero with this clown in charge?

  • Go ahead, find it.
  • snaps phone


  • The sheer arrogance
  • It was bringing you your food and sharing it. Much more advanced than my cat which brings food neither one of us wants (giant spiders) and not eating it (it's still alive and under my bed) and then shouting about it (please send a team to help extricate the arachnid)

  • The Circle of Life
  • Meanwhile, the spiders I have begrudging let live have caught nothing because they take up residence behind the toilet and inside an unfilled cabinet (that was fun to discover)

    The flies are operating freely! I'm gaining nothing from this ceasefire!

  • Breaking Bad ratings by episode chart
  • First time around I didn't enjoy the fly, but second watch through it felt like a moment for the pace to slow but characters stress to come to the forefront.

  • Glorious Science!
  • Warp core has shield around it (multiple, I think), while I disagree with testing it in main engineering, it's still probably fine.

    The humans being out in the open though?

  • The office extension in London has a recessed design to preserve the view of an old church's window
  • It's a downward angle, looks specifically like it's there for pedestrians (or maybe something specific along that path)

  • Gboard: Why do I get "didn't" when I swipe "don't"?
  • It adds the word to the input box but should also show a "correction" list on top of the keyboard.

    Maybe it's different if you use floating or split keyboard mode?

  • POV: You didn't pay your Deutsche Bahn Bus fare
  • Maybe I'm dumb, but I can't tell what's going on here. Is that a bullet hole in the glass?

    It sounds like a forklift?


    Edit: after watching it again at full brightness I see it's a tank driving along side and the turret turns at the last second to aim directly at the camera.

  • Gboard: Why do I get "didn't" when I swipe "don't"?
  • Do it again, but drag the suggestion upwards until a trash icon appears. Maybe one time you used that swipe path and accidentally/deliberately clicked "didn't" and now it thinks you sometimes want that instead.

    I have to do this all the time, I'm considering nuking it's memory

  • Moment former Tory prime minister Liz Truss loses her seat to Labour
  • Oh, that's somehow much more satisfying

  • Hexagonal basalt columns at Svartifoss, Iceland [OC]
  • So beautiful, thanks for sharing

  • Anachronistic
  • Toss me!

  • What is the best way to reinstall Windows after a MoBo/CPU upgrade while maximizing app/file/configuration retention?
  • I did this the other day, using same SSD, it worked fine up until login.

    It detected new hardware, asked me to log in, I did, it sent an email verification code.. I took too long getting it, my screen locked, then when I unlocked the screen it would their an exception and/or flash up the confirmation box for a millisecond. It wasn't hidden it anything, just give and I couldn't proceed.

    Then I tried making a win 11 boot disk on another machine, protip: if the c: drive fills up while you do this (because it only downloads to c and you don't get to choose) then it will crash the app but leave a mostly functional boot usb. No messages.

    After 4 attempts I made a win 10 boot, which worked and then upgraded.

    Suffice to say my levels of Microsoft hatred are at Window Vista era rates.

    I hope your transplant goes a lot smoother

  • Finally a useful feature (no)
  • I ain't givin' no AI shortcut button no tree fiddy!

  • Finally a useful feature (no)
  • I'd love to know how much time and money was wasted on this.

  • Sofle RGB LED question

    Hi, I'm in the process of soldering up a left and right sofle v2.1 deck, but for both after following the wiring guide I get to the final led and it doesn't work (indicator, backlights and all per key lights work, bar the final per key light)

    Is this expected? Solder looks good but I was thinking there might need to be something else done to complete the last led in the chain? Or just unlucky that this has happened at the end of both. I've replaced the LEDs twice and used same process as all the other LEDs. I don't want to add all the diodes and sockets only to have to start again. Now I've replaced and resoldered a few times I'm worried about PCB integrity. These are my 5th and 6th boards 😖😔


    Post delays

    Has anyone else had trouble with their post this year?

    I thought it was weird that I stopped getting letters a while ago, and recently ordered some new bank cards but 3 weeks later they aren't here.

    I checked with bank and they were sent weeks ago.

    I also got a letter and a follow-on letter from a solicitor at the same time, like they'd been bunched up somewhere.

    Maybe I annoyed my postie? 😬


    King Biz

    His name's Bismuth but we call him biz for short. Or Bizzywiz. Or Bumbleboobs


    Copper in box


    Bismuth in box