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    1. Retaliation has a meaning that does not have bearing here; mens rea for that cannot be established under the circumstances.

    2. Level of reciprocity in force has always mattered; at least we're not under Hammurabi's anymore.

    3. The prosecutor's office in the referenced discussion disagrees with you and you are making claims and not arguments.

  • xkcd #2929: Good and Bad Ideas
  • If you can trust the human monkeys with the "shaping" of a rock that got us here, how you gonna distrust the widdle trivial matter of taking little bits of something and splitting them.

    It's shaped charges, it's totally fine and sane. I'd happily get on the 1,000th Orion flight*.

    *Only if that's a fresh hull

  • So what's changed Microsoft?
  • Holy fuck ignore my other comment. "Yeah your reality sounds different from mine, you're wrong." You're just a stunted mind, no longer interesting.

  • So what's changed Microsoft?
  • Disregarding the topic and focusing on semantics for half a second out of pure (and weekend freedom stoned) curiosity, why do you value the anecdotal experience of others--and seemingly in one direction only?

    My Cousin Vinny's Tomato Canning and Money Laundering Inc, ran by my cousin Vinny and his family of hard looking unrelated men lost VPN access after the last Microsoft update. I'm lying, BUT let's pretend I'm not, what's your next weird hill, I'm curious.

  • 'Real men wear diapers': Trump supporters wear nappies
  • This. Nowhere is the paradox of tolerance more dangerous than around "ableism" issues; people gotta learn to keep their targets sighted on the actual scum Insidiously using empathy to cross purposes.

    The rightfully tolerant protector of the less able does not argue against the Nazi arguing he should be able to punch people without repercussions, they punch the Nazi until he shuts up and go back to equity for everyone else with a clean conscience.

    Don't tolerate the intolerant; don't shield them with the benefit of the doubt or stop those with the conviction to stand up for those being told to sit either.

  • It do be like that
  • "It depends on the position. If it's entry level or some retail job, yes, fill it out. But management or some other position where it's highly specific, this is an absolute waste of my time"

    It's an absolute waste of time, period. No need to stratify it further. McKinsey & Ilk bullshit is commodifying the lowest denominator shit in the name of HR professionals using more buzzwords and less braincells in the hiring process while pretending they're standardizing equity, in my opinion.

    That the positions you are ostensibly qualified for allow for a measure of 'hardball posturing' doesn't mean pseudo-hokey HR practices on non-leadership role hiring. aren't filtering the best of the best of people--at filling out useless forms that you'll need to train to critically think anyways.

    Only way to combat MBB bullshit is for the in-house managers to grow a spine and speak truth to power after the pre-contractually safe 'I'm so good you want me even if I don't toe the line' that is allowed to every leadership role hire as their moment to feel special to see that reaction.

  • Google lays off hundreds of 'Core' employees, moves some positions to India and Mexico
  • Of course not. Why would I risk limiting our market share that way?

    I demonstrate synergy and the ability to run an agile ship by instead outsourcing development of an app charging 1,000,000,000 people $15 monthly for the privilege of pressing the button and posting that they weren't it this month.

    Then I press it, because we must make sure our actions align with increasing shareholder value.

  • Pronouns
  • Nearly every word that means something similar to "in actual fact" undergoes this semantic drift (actually, really, etc).

    I looked into this for 3 minutes and found examples in multiple languages.


    New expression-insight remix into the human condition connected; We literally really actually feel the need to be sure we're understood, no matter the hyperbolic lengths gone to, huh?

  • Windows 11 will record all of your activity 24/7
  • This was amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it all out! I really do have no reason to not dual boot. I only have one site community to manage, and I had help with the original configuration so my exposure to Linux has mostly been the occasional CentOS foray to update the stack throughout the years and start a few experiments that fizzled (but not that backup script! Woo!). I guess seeing it all in one place is just what I needed; there's no reason to give it a VM a try. I already got WSL installed to "try Ubuntu" I told myself, but well, didn't have much of a project to try. Your "essay" was the information I needed to get me to just give dual booting a try, work on daily driving it (I write as a hobby, and I heard there's a trillion of good open source note apps out there, so there's mini-project one, get a dual boot and a basic "Music,coffee,notes,wordprocessor" no-frills inst--Oh, I see how it starts with y'all. Thanks for your time, truly!

    Edit: Missed important word.

  • Windows 11 will record all of your activity 24/7
  • Probably stupid question that I can look up, but I think Linux expounding isn't a problem here:

    I have an Intel/Nvidia laptop as my only machine right now. I've read the jokes about how hard it is to get working peripherals and the jokes about the brains of those who can't get them to work.

    I'm an amateur web dev (looking to un-amateur) so while a command line isn't super scary, it sure would feel like work or daunting at least for a bit. I also gotta share the machine.

    So I guess the question is: how true are those peripheral driver issue things for say random stuff like using a Dual Sense controller with (I think this is the right name) Proton for the gaming nights, and am I right in assuming any distro (except those mutable or atomic distributions that seem to be divisive) that is "beginner friendly" with a GUI for the family is still going to enable me to poke into further learning with the CLI, i.e. you don't sacrifice full featured command line for GUI?

    Silly ahead of myself concern, but if I can avoid needing to learn more PowerShell junk and just focus on learning Bash, that's actually a bonus I hadn't thought of.

  • Transphobes are doxxing Stardew Valley fans after they asked the game developer for pronouns
  • Yes. You have successfully read my mind. This is entirely in line with me as a person and how I have presented myself online.

    I hope you're proud of yourself for your insight, it was my pleasure to be your Judas this morning.

    I see why you need to ask on here instead of outside in your community.

    Edit: Forgot to add, no need to engage further. Consider me silenced, enjoy your discourse.

  • You're only as dead as you feel
  • Don't let my family know, I still want to keep ruining speed Monopoly...

    But I wouldn't object if my ashes are like, 85% sand by volume. I'd be too dead.

  • Targeted excellence
  • But only "pretty good"! Which sounds neat but that is just one step above "foundational" and good luck getting to mastery after skipping that, and finding the whole proposition a bunch of bullshit and really pretty good is enough, let's do the next thing and the next until we lose a few more forgotten "pretty goods" for lack of practice!

  • [OC] I (For real) remastered all of Starcraft's Terran themes. What game music should I remaster next?
  • "Self promotion" can and often is conversation. Ads are ever just ads. Of course rules and expectations were put in place to push for a divisive paradigm that only "the big guy" can afford to sidestep.

    Can't have advertisers' treasured impressions diluted by discourse that happens to involve a specific person's (often) passionate labors. Drink your multinational conglomerate verification can now.

  • Windows 11 will record all of your activity 24/7
  • I can read, count, and combine them into steps followed in a sequential order. Can I Linux? I think I can Linux. These fucks are taking the piss.

  • Living in a forest without any technology also works, since you will have no internet access anyways.
  • Shhh, you'll attract the solarpunks and then we'll really be finding out all about the ways of low-tech and high-nature. Some of us have things to do today other than design low-watt high-flow irrigation.

  • Transphobes are doxxing Stardew Valley fans after they asked the game developer for pronouns
  • No. But you at least need the ability to conceptualize the possibility of empathy existing if you can't feel it directly, in order to excel in any of those things (petulant assholery included).

    It's also a requirement to have truly nuanced discussion; I fear you are wasting your time in this discussion and if it's not clear why, it's because of a failure of imagination on your part.

  • Transphobes are doxxing Stardew Valley fans after they asked the game developer for pronouns
  • Staple satire; filling, reliable, but a little hammy. 5/7 with rice?

  • Transphobes are doxxing Stardew Valley fans after they asked the game developer for pronouns
  • So it's probably not a big issue. I'd like input from non-binary speakers of those languages though; since I'm not non-binary myself it's possible that my view is incorrect.

    I'm only a native Romance language speaker (Spanish) who is both an ally and an amateur wordsmith.

    Due to this, I'll not pretend to go into any depth of why you're wrong per the zeitgeist of Spanish youth today, but will instead give you the more or less settled informal solution (The RAE isn't likely to add it officially):


  • Heads I win, Tails you lose
  • Smallest of corrections because the bastards are multiple flavors of bastards: '

    'At will employment' is the "fire you for any or no reason so long as we don't transparently enough do it for/to the small list of protected reasons or qualifying personal attributes for protected class status.

    The sick joke is that you can terminate your employment 'At will' too, unlike those other work contract places isn't that liberating!

    That one is in all of the US.

    'Right to work' would be the anti-union version which applies to some states that have gone extra harder than the other ones to prevent the evil evil unions. Plenty of folks better suited than me to explain more around Lemmy.

    The sick joke with that one is that you have "the right to work" even when that evil evil union is doing collective bargaining outside with funky signs!

    Person who replied to who I replied to; the list of shit Americans ought to be focusing on legislating for is intentionally multi-faceted and obtuse; do you really think such simple insight beyond what you would consider obvious? Our great thinkers aren't dumb, they're oppressed.

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