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It's not just convicts. Russia is forcing its African migrants and students to fight for them in Ukraine.
  • I think the crisis moment for Ukraine has passed mostly. The threat of a breakthrough from a couple of months ago is not gone, but stalled long enough to shore up the defensive lines and have ammunition and supplies delivered from the west (and let's be honest here, that is still for 90% coming from the US). The strategy for Ukraine should now be to hold line and hit the supply lines.

    The sanctions that were implemented take time to really bite and you start seeing the results of these more and more.

    One thing I think Ukraine should do is start recruiting mercenaries from Nepal and other places where Russia is recruiting. Since they're not (or rather "probably would not") be thrown in the meat grinder, I think that after some time they can dry up those sources too, while at the same time addresing some of their own manpower issues.

  • 3rd year in university and getting nowhere. What should I do?
  • I have recently told this to a niece in a similar situation: I was also in a situation like that, and I wish someone had told me to just go work for a year or so, you can go back to studying after. At worst you earn some money, while at best you earn perspective and figure out what you really want (and earn some money).

  • Boeing’s largest plant in ‘panic mode’ amid safety crisis, say workers and union officials
  • They are trying to ramp up production, but that's a very hard thing to do given the sheer amount of suppliers (over 1000) and the general labor shortage in aviation. They are actively sending their own engineers to suppliers to help out where possible, but there is only so much they can do.

    Even with ramped up production the backlog (8500+ planes) will take almost a decade to clear (735 planes produced in 2023). So yea, I could imagine some airlines with a strong cash position will simply buy other airlines just to take over their planes and orders instead of putting in a new order.

  • It's been around a year since a lot of us quit Reddit, myself included. I'm happy with Lemmy, but I still feel a bit lost online since leaving the old site. Discussion?
  • For me, Lemmy is a bit of a mixed bag, but I'm still not returning to being active on reddit. Lemmy is very tech centric and sometimes it's a bit much. While I am interested in tech, I am also interested in art, literature, history and sports. For those subjects there aren't many posts and no, I don't want to create and mod a community. I'm just not that type of person.

    I do go on reddit sometimes, when I'm bored with Lemmy or when I want to know more about a specific subject that is non-existent or very niche here. But without user account. All in all it's ok here, and it's growing. It will probably slowly continue to grow, but it's probably too complicated to go mainstream, which is a good thing imo to maintain the quality of the platform, but a bad thing for content diversity.

  • US sues Hyundai, others over child labor at Alabama parts plant
  • Force them to update their old ass IT infrastructure as well. The amount of policies and lowering of security I had to do so that my company can access their antique systems is not funny. Hyundai are such cheapskates on everything this doesn't surprise me in the least.

  • CIA Realizes It's Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years
  • God damn, I ate the onion today. In my defence, I thought they had used black highlighters instead of black alcohol ink pens or something like that, like a procurement issue, before I clicked the link and realized I've been bamboozled.

  • Vincent Kompany agrees deal to become Bayern Munich head coach

    Bayern Munich have agreed a three-year deal with Vincent Kompany to take over as head coach

    Vincent Kompany agrees deal to become Bayern Munich head coach

    Bayern Munich have agreed a three-year deal with Vincent Kompany to take over as head coach.

    A fee of £10.2m will be paid to Burnley to bring the 38-year-old to the Allianz Arena, where he will succeed Thomas Tuchel in the top job. The Bundesliga club failed in their attempts to convince the German to stay after a run to the Champions League semi-finals and were forced to search elsewhere for a replacement.

    Kompany, who began his managerial career at Anderlecht, earned a big reputation after joining Burnley two years ago. The former Manchester City defender took the Championship by storm, earning rave reviews after turning a defensive side into a thrilling attacking team, and led Burnley back into the Premier League at the first time of asking.

    There were hopes that Burnley could succeed at the highest level by sticking to their progressive style of play but a failure to reinforce his squad led to a 19th-placed finish and relegation. Allowing Kompany to make a swift departure will give Burnley time to find the right replacement as they gear up for another promotion campaign.

    There will be raised eyebrows at Kompany earning such a big job. Equally there is a feeling that the 38-year-old’s methods could work well with a side at the top level. Kompany has experience of living in Germany after representing Hamburg during his hugely successful playing career.


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    4 Home Office to detain asylum seekers across UK in shock Rwanda operation

    Exclusive: Operation comes weeks earlier than expected and is thought to have been timed to coincide with local elections

    Home Office to detain asylum seekers across UK in shock Rwanda operation
    Political Memes Pringles

    Progress in the Middle East

    In reference to

    6 Five asylum seekers reportedly killed in attempt to cross Channel to UK

    Helicopters and rescue boats mobilised and searches continuing near French town of Wimereux, say reports

    Five asylum seekers reportedly killed in attempt to cross Channel to UK