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By improving the performance of a Nerf gun, you "buff" it, which is ironic
  • I get that. Where is the irony? I think to be ironic there needs to be some air of unexpectedness. I certainly think it's amusing to say that you were buffing a nerf gun, but maybe not unexpected

    But I think Alanis Morissette would be on board

  • Turtle Shells
  • Where can you really draw the line? Could you survive in space without any air or equipment? Even if you could, where did the equipment and air come from?

    Photosynthetic organisms are for all practical purposes part of your lungs

  • Turtle Shells
  • I mean yes, no one, human or turtle, can survive without the ecosystem of the earth, so you could really argue that the planet is the true organism and we are simply byproducts of its existence

  • Turtle Shells
  • What part of the second statement is wrong? A turtle cannot survive without its shell, just like you could not survive without your skull. It is an intrinsic part of what allows it to function as a living organism, therefore the line between "turtle" and "shell" is a bit blurred