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Heathcliff without Heathcliff 4/9/2024
  • The point is to show that Heathcliff is almost always unnecessary to the original comic, to the point where removing him changes little if anything about the joke. It also highlights how the jokes are lame and barely make sense with our without Heathcliff.

  • Not only is "Seinfeld" vastly overrated, any claim that it pioneered the concept of "a show about nothing" is ridiculous and imbecilic.
  • I think it's credited as one of, if not the first, show to flip the sitcom formula on it's head in terms of protagonists. Before, shows were about good people having to deal with conflicts and coming out on top. Seinfeld was about bad people creating conflicts and then failing to resolve them. This is particularly evident in the finale when the show ends with them all in jail instead of each character getting their own happy ending.