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Firefox community things [HELP]
  • It was cool in 2010 when I was like 14 and had an iPod touch but didn't have wireless Internet access at home because my parents didn't understand the concept of a router and thought they would have to pay for it, plus christian concern over porn and corruption on the net. So I could go to like McDonalds or whatever, download all of these game review articles, web novels, and whatever else I was into at the time so that when I got back home I could still interact with the web.

    Nowadays, yeah I don't really get the point. Everyone's permanently plugged in so a regular bookmark is fine. Also in case anyone was concerned, my buddy eventually gave me his old router and I secretly set up WiFi in my house so I was good for the rest of the time I lived at home 👍

  • So much for free speech on X; Musk confirms new users must soon pay to post
  • I use it because I follow a lot of Japanese artists and mangakas. It's nice because ya know Twitter is English so getting around is pretty easy. Stuff like pixiv seemed intimidating because it's made for a Japanese audience, even if they have English stuff. Plus I just know how to use Twitter after making my account in 2009.

  • Help! My Boyfriend Is 5 Years Older Than Me And Won’t Stop Making References to Early 2000s Flash Animations I Don’t Understand
  • When I tried to play RuneScape, I did it on my uncle's computer. RuneScape asked me to verify if I was 13, which I wasn't, so I clicked no. Then the site proceeded to block me from making an account, along with storing a cookie I guess that prevented me from just refreshing the page and trying again. I felt pretty bad because I thought they banned my uncle's computer forever from playing lol. Hence I never played RuneScape...

  • Help! My Boyfriend Is 5 Years Older Than Me And Won’t Stop Making References to Early 2000s Flash Animations I Don’t Understand
  • So many hours wasted on addicting games. I think the impossible quiz was the first thing I played on it.

    For all you boomers out there, there was a game I used to play on addicting games that was like a smash clone, except I think you could get like guns and lightsabers and stuff? It wasn't super smash flash or ...

    As I was googling more evidence that it wasn't a fever dream I made up, I found it! The game was called chaos faction. Fuck I spent a lot of time on that...

  • NSFW
  • I think most of the time when Christianity is depicted Jesus is used, since that's their distinguishing factor. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all have the same god capital g.

  • Kagi search engine, mod censorship, fun stuff
  • Why am I forced to listen to the owner of a company ramble off selling points of his product if I don't want to? If I say fuck Nintendo they're a shit company do I have to listen to Gary Bowser list off every Nintendo game that sold over a million copies?

    The person who posted the thread did so on mastodon, to their 1200 followers, who maybe half of them even saw it and then another half of that even engaged with it. That is not going to materially impact anyone.

  • What are your best non corporate email alternatives?
  • I like fastmail. I decided to skip on proton (I also just never tried it) because it just seemed too popular. Fastmail also tied into my password manager and is easy to create masked emails. I like them a lot.

  • lemmy.rule
  • Wikipedia lists India at #2 in English speakers, behind the US. While a ton, I'm sure most of them would still be using their own Indian sites over a niche of a niche site like Lemmy.

  • lemmy.rule
  • Would it be because most EU countries are using other sites that are in their own language? Idk why I'd visit a predominantly English site if my English wasn't super proficient. That would just leave the US, UK, and Aus mostly, and the US dwarfs those by quite a bit.

  • Male to female suicide ratio by country
  • Ok, but if you (me) didn't know that coming into this, you'd be confused why it only scaled one way. I would've figured there's at least some parts of the world where women had higher rates than men.

  • [Gamers Nexus] Dragon's Dogma 2 is a Mess: GPU & CPU Benchmarks, Bottlenecks, & Crashes
  • Yeah I feel you there are a lot of features that I feel they could and the game still be "realistic" like they claim. I'm not sure if you know though, you can store items at inns and with the weight limit being what it is, it has forced me to be less of a loot goblin and not just picking everything up in a square mile. Buying back from vendors would be cool, but it's also a pretty common mechanic to be missing from games too.

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