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Supreme Court: Trump Has 'Absolute Immunity' For Core Constitutional Powers
  • This has always been the case. There is a specific way that congress can put a check on POTUS. Liberals being told how the government works and has always worked, and suddenly getting upset. I'm sure they will vote harder then they have ever voted before to fix it this time.

  • CATL battery successfully powers electric plane with 1,800-mile civil aircraft expected
  • Energy density has been the number one most important factor since humans started using metal. Wood is good enough to smelt bronze, and with some refinement can get your iron, but not good enough for steel. Steel requires coal, and with some refinement steel is what our world is built on.

    Fossil fuels allow cars, planes and more efficient trains and boats. Unless we somehow start utilizing uranium and transuranics electric airplanes are for grifters. Uranium and it's derivatives are the only thing we have harnessed that even approaches the energy density of fossil fuels.

  • Basically the extent of my IPv6 knowledge
  • I'm a network engineer and I run ipv6 natively in all of our datacenters. There are even a handful of end systems that have ipv6 native networking stacks with ipv4 sockets for our non-ipv6 compatible applications. IPv6 issues are basically self-inflicted at this point by companies that see their IT systems as cost centers, or by basilisk directors who's knowledge stopped in the 90's.

  • Fuck this guy.
  • If the labor force could opt out of the rat race because they didn't have to work, then they gives them immense power especially considering what they have now. Of course the necessities would have to be controlled in a not-for-profit manner so that you can't just have some land baron that adjusts the cost of rent and food upward to ensure it eats up all the UBI, same with utilities/internet/etc.

    But for consumerist goods that people want because they enhance life, if people could realistically withhold their labor unless the capitalist offered equity etc in industries that produced those things, you would quickly see the power of the leaders of those industries wane significantly.

  • SSH as a sudo replacement
  • Seems novel. But from a security aspect, if OpenSSH has security vulnerability that allows an unauthenticated user to login, via whatever means, once you are in the system as a non-privileged user, you are now free to use the same vulnerability to get root.

    Basically this exercise is like using two locks that have the same key to open them. If the same key opens them, then a weakness in one, is now a weakness in the other so why bother with two identical locks?

  • Democrats Must Change Their Whole Approach Toward White People
  • It was not. Getting health insurance for an additional 30 million Americans was.

    Health insurance is not healthcare, it doesn't mandate care, and there is basically no relation what-so-ever between having health insurance and getting healthcare.

  • Chinese Carmakers Call for 25% Tax on Large European Cars
  • That would be good, but it should rampup exponentally the heavier the vehicle is. So say a 3000lb vehicle is 50% tax, a 6000lb vehicle should be MUCH higher, maybe 500% or so. Make it really worth while to reduce weight, which is of course the number one issue for the safety of people outside of the car.

  • Electricity prices in France turn negative as renewable energy floods the grid
  • Did you miss this?

    Some numbers. This facility stores 1400MWh, on 2,000 acres or (~8,000,000 sq meters) Much greater then your 40,000sq meter estimate. Plus you said about 33GWh for a day. Well you’d need ~24 of these facilities to cover just Berlin.

    You estimated 40,000sq meters, but that is off by a factor 2000. This is for a facility that actually exists. Theoretically it could be improved, but those theories aren't being built right now. So based on a grid storage plant that actually exists, berlin would need 48,000 times more square meters dedicated to energy storage then you estimated and in any case, THEY DON'T EXIST and aren't being built.

  • Electricity prices in France turn negative as renewable energy floods the grid
  • Your only argument here seems to be space and I don’t see that as a big problem. A few soccer fields worth of land distributed in the vicinity of each bigger city doesn’t seem like a lot to me.

    It's 1000x "a few soccer fields" for a city like Berlin, and we have zero other working grid level storage facilities in the world at that scale. The handful that do exist are <100MWh, and are meant for specific situations, not for powering 100% renewable cities. No one is building grid-level storage, it's a pipe dream. But it's pushed as a solution because the fossil fuel industry knows it will never happen, but what will happen is more fossil fuel plants will be built.

  • Electricity prices in France turn negative as renewable energy floods the grid
  • You'd be wrong then. This is a Nuclear power plant in the middle of a desert so no large bodies of water near by, though obviously the design could be adapted to places where water was more plentiful.

    It takes up 4000 acres (16,000,000 sq meters) Produces (not stores) 4GW (~32,000 GWHrs annually) For comparison, the US Produces 42400000 GWhrs annually. And it cost $14Billion in 2023 dollars

    If I were to replace all of the US's generating capacity with nuclear, fully shunning renewables. it would cost ~$19Trillion and take up 5.3million acres (which is the minimum amount of land that could be taken up by any currently existing power generation system ). But no one wants to do that (although it would be amazing for the atmosphere). Instead we merely need to supplement renewables with base-load power, and we don't actually need power storage at all.

    The ideal ratio between renewable power and base-load power I do not know. But during the day in Texas in July it's about 50% higher then at night.

    So even if we assume renewables don't work at night, base-load only needs to account for ~33% of total electric production at the worst case. Much more manageable then the ~6.5hrs/6TWhrs of energy storage required for a 100% renewable grid to function.

    The tl;dr, is that while renewable powered storage is possible, the magnitude of storage required to eliminate base-load generation is VASTLY larger then anti-nuclear advocates realize, and not feasible today (or possibly ever). This belief stems from is fossil fuel propaganda, especially in Germany where the fossil fuel interests understand they have nothing to fear from renewables because a renewable heavye grid is only possible with fossil fuel plants and every year every nation burns more fossil fuels then they did the year before*, Germany included. It will stay that way until mass famine hits and the human population of the earth collapses, unless we stop burning fossil fuels. The only viable non-fossil fuel replacement for our large and growing baseload capacity is nuclear power.

    *note that fossil fuels aren't only used for energy production, transportation and shipping are huge areas as well.

  • There is a way out of the climate crisis – but it is not through COP

    The world’s top climate summit is a hoax, and it can’t help us.

    There is a way out of the climate crisis – but it is not through COP

    A pretty standard pro-environmental piece, however I do appreciate how it calls out the "German Green Party," which is obviously just an astro-turfed political party funded by the coal industry.

    And of course the criticism of about the farce of Carbon Capture is spot-on.

    United States | News & Politics PowerCrazy Why Senate Dems are prepared to swallow a border policy compromise

    In addition to helping embattled US allies, Senate Dems believe changes could help cool border politics in battleground states ahead of 2024.

    Why Senate Dems are prepared to swallow a border policy compromise

    >A growing number of Senate Democrats appear open to making it harder for migrants to seek asylum in order to secure Republican support for aiding Ukraine and Israel.

    This is what the democrats stand for. Unlimited funding for the MIC and border-control, but social issues are not a priority.

    Stop voting for the parties of Capital.