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Riding in the mountains
  • Being used to riding on flat land be aware of sight-lines being obstructed by the hill. “Hug” the fog line (not the centerline) in case oncoming traffic blows the turn an runs wide - this also enables a later apex so optimize your sightline in left handers (for right side traffic, not sure where you live)….also you may not be familiar with turning/elevation changes so take it nice and chill. Enjoy! Having gone from flat FL to mountains in CA it's how to truly enjoy what your bike can do.

  • Muslim nurse in New York fired after calling Israel's war in Gaza 'genocide'
  • The employer is within their rights to terminate so long as it's not on the basis of a protected class (gender, religion, age etc.).

    I don't agree that stating an opinion should be grounds but I do not believe they violated anything.

    Even worse, she's recognized for excellent work performance so you'd think that matters more….but nope.

  • Justice Alito's Upside-Down Flag Claim Dismantled by Police, Neighbors: Report
  • Legally I'm not sure - symbolically he could do a lot. Call out the ethical judgement of Thomas and Alito for one. Recommend recusal. Hell, suggest resignations - if he were a principled Chief Justice that is, but alas….

  • The Media Still Doesn’t Grasp the Danger of Trump
  • They know perfectly well but prefer the revenue to fulfilling their journalistic responsibility and acting ethically.

    When news is a product to market and not a social responsibility this is the result. They're selling a narrative and horse race delivers profits - also their delusion that kissing the ass of the guy that calls them the enemy might save them could be a factor.

    Shameful how their response has been to cower and equivocate and not report objectively and clearly.

  • Best Buy Membership "discount"
  • Yeah….also curious. It's been a couple of years but when I previously bought stuff from Monoprice it was a smoking deal and I'm pretty certain none of the cables I bought ever failed me.

  • Special counsel asks judge for gag order in Trump classified documents case | CNN Politics
  • Cannon has no ethics to grapple with, she'll quite happily do whatever it is she believes protects Trump. As with Alito and Thomas she's blatantly biased and doesn't appear to care at all about her oath or duty.

    They're flaunting their disdain for the very system they purport to protect.

  • New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity
  • Hesitant, forlorn and very much hopefully misplaced resigned upvote.

    I want to dismiss your assertions out of hand as too pessimistic and cynical but…yeah, we let them win at least the battle if not the whole shebang.

    My hope stems from kids today generally being kinder, open minded and not “tolerant” but actually coexisting with nary a thought. Better people will make a better world if we give them the chance to before fucking up beyond repair.

  • Trump dealt double-whammy of losses: Hush-money judge remains on case, trial stays in Manhattan
  • The problem is people on juries can (try) to disregard instructions. I served on one and was NOT the foreperson and yet was the only one to speak up when some insisted on raising hypothetical motives when the judge had specifically instructed us only to consider presented evidence.

    “No, you cannot guess as to what occurred” I had to repeatedly say.

    I worry that one or more jurors will rationalize instead of fulfill their sworn duty. I hope not but….


  • Sharks Trade Hertl

    After the news I came here to see what other fans thought and no posts in months was a bummer. Nothing about Couture missing the rest of the season, nothing about our best remaining Shark going to (ugh) Vegas.

    Ugly day for Teal.


    What a race in Thailand today!

    Came here excited to join a discussion about those last few laps and….no threads posted?


    The battle between Pramac Ducati, KTM and factory Duc was an old school nail biter…loved it!

    Not gonna post the finishers just in case but if you didn't watch it, do it!

    Legal Advice PorradaVFR

    Trump GA - Change of Venue to Federal Court?

    It appears at least some of the indicted players in the Trump indictments in Georgia are asking to change to Federal court…but these are State charges not Federal - how could a Federal court hear the case(s) in that situation? Would it enable a potential Presidential pardon which does not apply to State charges otherwise?

    Is this a back door way to dodge the charges?