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Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • A stretch, yes. But it’s an interesting model for understanding what communication is. By telling you this, I am manipulating you into understanding my point of view and hopefully getting you to agree with me.

    It’s important to note that not all manipulation is negative. I should hope parents manipulate their children into being aware of safety.

    Even chit-chat could be seen as manipulating each other into “being social” but even I would say that’s a long shot.

  • Why are German young people so easily seduced by AfD's ideas?
  • The Dutch system does have fractional representation and multi-party coalition governments, and still the far-right is on the rise.

    This is a complex situation, not simply fixed with a magic bullet of voting reform.

  • Is _Dune_ isekai?
  • Very well thought out! Coming at this question as a Dune fan and not an Isekai enjoyer, I would like to note that Dune does have its fair share of swords and magic.

    I don’t know too much about Isekai but let me have a try at this following argument:

    The Isekai element might not be that Paul moved from one planetary capital to another as the heir apparent to House Atreides, but that he had to flee into a world with much more limited contact with the wider galaxy: the world of the Fremen.

    The Fremen of the deep desert live a life quite different than that of the average Imperial citizen. Life in a sietch is unlike anything Paul has ever experienced and he must learn to fit in, in order to survive.

    All of this only concerns the first book of the Dune series. As the story plays out, you will find that the protagonist of the entire series is not a single individual but rather Humanity in its totality. I don’t think that’s very Isekai…

  • My world has an issue with people taking freely accessible resources for not their intended purpose and wasting them, what kind of policy changes might solve this?
  • Also, why not just do what happened with Iodised salt in the real world?

    Add a tiny amount of dietary enzymes to certain foods you’re sure will be consumed anyway. Provide the food industry with these supplements free of charge but check this supply strictly. The consumers don’t pay extra but they will have the necessary enzyme intake to stay healthy. If criminals want to extract Intium, they will be forced to buy these food products in insanely infeasible quantities.

  • My world has an issue with people taking freely accessible resources for not their intended purpose and wasting them, what kind of policy changes might solve this?
  • Given this scenario, as a policy-maker I would start with statements explaining the issue in a press conference. This should create public support for further measures. I assume the properties of Intium are understood by the general public, as are the reasons for the heavy regulation. The least motivated of the abusers might even come to realise that what they are doing is bad.

    After this, my first short-term policy decision is to limit the amount of Intium supplements any one customer can pick up from the grocery store in one visit. Say six months worth (24 pills if once-weekly intake is normal). Stores in our world already do that sometimes when they are running a limited promotion and it’s not too hard to implement. Using existing infrastructure, just asking cashiers to made sure customers can only check out one box at a time.

    If these pills only contain trace amounts of Intium, this policy will make profitable backyard chemistry impossible. Going up a level, any organised crime boss will understand that paying people to visit multiple stores and collect enough supplements to process, will cost more than the value of the Intium gained. Of course I would also have the law enforcement agencies conduct investigations into such practices.

    If the problem still persists through corruption in supply chains or ineffective enforcement, I would use the population registry to compile a list of those creatures that truly need the supplements. A new government service would be created that mails these recipients their allocation of supplements. Existing government facilities like post offices or pharmacies can also start dispensing smaller quantities without any registration required.

    Creating an extra government agency is of course only logical if the costs of manufacturing the misused supplements outweigh the savings that such a service would provide.

    Concurrent with all of these steps, I would speak with the pharmaceutical industry and ask if it were possible to create a supplement that did not contain any Intium. Given the high-tech nature of your society, I believe this would be possible.

  • Island Looking For Input
  • It’s awesome!  Since you asked for feedback, I should mention that there are not a lot of settlements near the coast. Coastal locations, especially near river deltas, are very logical places to settle due to fishing and trade. Unless the ocean is barren the coast should be littered with little fishing villages and at least a few major ports.

  • I need to leave reddit for good
  • Of course someone else’s response isn’t your fault. I’m not saying that you are wrong for disliking it, either. The unfortunate truth is that in every community, you will find people who just don’t know how to argue. That group gets bigger if the community grows. Being angry about it doesn’t help anyone though.

    What I meant with the “hwell acktually” comment is maybe the same as you just said but in different words: people who like to be right all the time and feel good bout it.

  • I need to leave reddit for good
  • I agree that Reddit has more unknowing “Hwell Acktually” types than is good for anyone’s mental health. It doesn’t make discussion any better. But if you proclaim your hate and call people morons you might be part of the problem. If someone is wrong on the internet you could just be doing them a favour by acting like that.

  • I have a lot of saved memes, here's one of them.
  • DM: “How do you want to do this?” Player: “ I slice the dragon’s cockles with my long and shiny blade” DM: changes song, plays even more intense battle music Player: “What the-“ DM: “Now it’s time to fight the horde! Roll initiative”

  • Glow in the dark Foundationn
  • Yeah! The first sequel, Foundation’s Edge, was excellent! It was written with as much if not more depth as the original series. The second sequel, Foundation and Earth, however seemed like a pulp novel by comparison. The story was simplistic and the conclusion pretty disappointing, although it did bring up an interesting quandary about the future of the galaxy.

  • Glow in the dark Foundationn
  • What slowed me down a lot with Dune were the many different, unfamiliar names. Once that clicked, the story started unfolding by itself and I could not stop myself reading. It’s been a long time since I first read the original books, but I think I finished all six of them in less than a month. I hope it clicks for you too!