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Horrendous - Ontological Mysterium
  • I can definitely agree with that, thanks for sharing! It feels like the intent this time around feels more like an attempt to cram more weird experimental and varied choices into the records runtime possibly at the cost of more memorable melodies and repeated parts to catch on to. I can see how far that idea goes for you would likely boil down to individual preference. However I will say it's only grown on me on repeat listens and personally I'll gladly trade some catchiness for whatever Exeg(en)esis is! 😅

  • Oscar nominated
  • I totally agree with you in most cases, but by many accounts this is a funny movie on purpose rather than finding humor in its unintentional blunders trying to be something else, so it's only really a "bad movie" in aesthetic. In this case, the veneer of a bad movie is just another tool for making the jokes and a stylistic choice rather than an overall descriptor of any lacking quality in the writing, performance, or technical aspects. Based on that understanding, I would say they actually made a pretty good movie by achieving what they actually set out to make and the movie's audience enjoying it for its intended purpose.

  • Oscar nominated
  • Just to clarify this was an intentional choice not due to a lack of talent, as many of the jokes in this movie rely on that cheap amateur feel to deliver their setup and payoff. This movie and it's particular style of silly self aware humor simply would not work in a well polished more typical quality movie production.

  • Oscar nominated
  • This movie is a lot of fun! Low budget and intentionally campy comedy/satire in a way that feels more like a passion project by those involved than a soulless cheap cash grab like most Asylum movies with similar names. It's gone over well with lots of laughs from most people I've shown it to, regardless of whether they usually like bad movies or not. So I feel pretty confident broadly recommending it to anyone at this point!

  • Horrendous - Ontological Mysterium

    New Horrendous album released today!

    I'm really enjoying this one, definitely thinking it's a solid follow up to Idol!

    What's everyone else thinking of this one?

    What is Everyone Reading?
  • I just finished Echo by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. I found it to be a more unique story, pulling from a wider variety of influences for the sources of the scares, than his previous novel Hex even if it ended up being a bit more uneven as result. I still think when it works it really works, but there were certainly portions of the book where it lost steam for me as well. Definitely looking forward to seeing how his next book Oracle turns out!

    Next, I'm planning to start The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas for some classic gothic haunted house vibes hopefully!

  • Scariest book you’ve read?
  • Penpal by Dathan Auerbach, was a book that really succeeded at scaring me personally. It managed to make me feel pretty vulnerable and it just filled me with dread the whole time I was reading it.