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Cops, you need to get your story straight.
  • They can have both. It might not be logically consistent, but it gets them what they want.

    The unfortunate reality is that many people -- especially on the right -- consider things like lying, manipulation and hypocrisy to be a trivial cost to get what they want. You can catch them at it 100 times but as long as it works, they won't even change their lie, let alone their views.

  • US man used AI to generate 13,000 child sexual abuse pictures, FBI alleges
  • Images of children being raped are being treated as images of children being raped. Nobody has every been caught with child pornography and charged as if they abused the children themselves, nor is anybody advocating that people generating AI child pornography are charged as if they sexually abused a child.

    Everything is being treated as it always has been, but you're here arguing that it's moral and harmless as long as an AI does it, using every semantic trick and shifted goalpost you possibly can.

    It's been gross as fuck to watch. I know you're aiming for a kind of "king of rationality, capable of transcending even your disgust of child abuse" thing, but every argument you make is so trivial and unimportant that you're coming across as someone hoping CSAM becomes more accessible.

  • US man used AI to generate 13,000 child sexual abuse pictures, FBI alleges
  • I'm not engaging for your benefit, which is why I've got no interest in repeating the same point in 500 ways in the hope it sinks in. But the reality is that a lot of people get their opinions from social media and they sure as fuck shouldn't imitate your views on CSAM so it's important that nobody mistakes contrarianism and apologism for actual wisdom.

    But yes, it is hard to stand by while you lie your little heart in a way that helps paedophiles. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed about that.

    So here's how it will play out: Your bullshit apologism and enabling will result in the creation of platforms for circulating child pornography. This platform will immediately be flooded with pictures and videos of children being raped that are indistinguishable from "genuine" child pornography, thanks to models being trained on paedophiles back catalogue.

    As the amount of content grows, more and more videos of actual children being raped will enter circulation, with moderators and paedophile wriggling out of it by claiming "I thought it was AI generated".

    New videos featuring the rape of actual children will be created and posted to these communities as child pornography normalises the abuse of children for the members. Detection and prosecution of the people responsible being functionally impossible because they've been buried and obfuscated by the AI generated content you insist doesn't count.

    But hey, at least your bullshit semantic sensibilities haven't been offended right? That seems way more important to you than the abuse of children anyway. You're basically a hero for selflessly safeguarding paedophiles jerk off material.

    We're not talking about "drawings of children being raped that make people uncomfortable". We're talking about pictures and videos that are indistinguishable from reality, featuring children being coereced or forced into performing every act and fetish known to pornography.

    And you fucking know it.

  • Federal judge blocks Biden administration rule requiring dealers at gun shows to run background checks
  • Semantic bullshit designed to drag out the conversation instead of addressing the problem. Nobody has gloves in their glove compartment but everybody knows what the glove compartment is.

    Multiple attempts have been made to close this loophole and have been blocked by the pro-gun community, rendering background checks optional -- if you don't want your background checked, buy privately.

    If you want to make effective regulations, then you need to understand what regulations already exist, how guns work, and how loopholes are exploited.

    There is no gun control legislation that the pro-gun crowd will support. It doesn't matter how minor, or how perfectly written.

    Otherwise, you get another AWB that bans a bunch of cosmetic features that really don't matter.

    No problem, we'll just ban all sales of semi-automatic weapons and firearms under a certain length (such as revolvers). After 20+ years, it's clear the pro-gun crowd has no solution.

  • US man used AI to generate 13,000 child sexual abuse pictures, FBI alleges
  • The thread is about "how are they abuse images if no abuse took place" and the answer is "because they're images of abuse". I haven't claimed they're real at any point.

    It's not a thought crime because it's not a thought. Nobody is being charged for thinking about raping children, they're being charged for creating images of children being raped.

  • US man used AI to generate 13,000 child sexual abuse pictures, FBI alleges
  • It's a picture of a hallucination of a tree

    So yes, it's a tree. It's a tree that might not exist, but it's still a picture of a tree.

    You can't have an image of a child being raped -- regardless of if that child exists or not -- that is not CSAM because it's an image of a child being sexually abused.

    Distinguishing real from unreal ought to be taken more seriously given the direction technology is moving.

    Okay, so who are you volunteering to go through an endless stream of images and videos of children being raped to verify that each one has been generated by an AI and not a scumbag with a camera? Peados?

    Why are neckbeards so enthusiastic about dying on this hill? They seem more upset that there's something they're not allowed to jerk off to than by the actual abuse of children.

    Functionally, legalising AI generated CSAM means legalising "genuine" CSAM because it will be impossible to distinguish the two, especially as paedophiles dump their pre-AI collections or feed them in as training data.

    People who do this are reprehensible, no matter what hair splitting and semantic gymnastics they employ.

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