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Good question
  • In Dune people also routinely remembered things they shouldn't if it was a genetic memory.

  • Israel parliament votes to label UN relief agency a terror organisation
  • Crickets would be immense improvement to arming and supporting a genocide.

  • Israel parliament votes to label UN relief agency a terror organisation
  • So just genocide as usual and "nothing will fundamentally change" like Biden.

  • Follow me for more deep political analysis
  • Nah, Poland have that and we still get two ghouls plus some plankton every election. This will always be the case unless we switch to socialism.

  • Increased use of Latvian in education does not infringe ethnic Russians' rights, rules European court
  • Compare how many Tibetans speak Tibetan with how many natives in US speak their languages (or Welsh, Irish, Scots, Bretonians, Sorbians etc etc etc wherever applicable) before you start to run your western supremacist nonsense.

  • Joe Biden ends election campaign and endorses Kamala Harris to be new nominee
  • If you people learned some lessons, 2020 protests would end with revolution.

  • Increased use of Latvian in education does not infringe ethnic Russians' rights, rules European court
  • If that happened in China or Russia, headlines would be: "cultural genocide"

  • Japanese carmakers ‘very scared’ by China’s rapid EV development
  • If only their country wouldn't be so eager to enter in selfdestructive accords with its suzerain, right now half of cars on entire planet could be produced in Japan. Or maybe half of Japan would be bombed to rubble because that's how this surerain is when someone weaker don't obey.

  • Chad-gon Jin
  • I wouldn't read anything sex adjacent written by guy who advocated for child slavery

  • Chad-gon Jin
  • "Did you ever heard about Darth Rothbard?"

    "Yeah this jedi there just kidnapped the kid while quoting him"

  • What is a "bad video game" you have bought as a joke (as in just for the laughs, the lols)?
  • Krzyżacy - Knights of the Cross. But then it turned out it's not only hilarious but actually also have good gameplay, so i can recommend.

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • Then that entity, be it Pinkerton or gang or army, would be government. Sure, it could also devolve below capitalism, but capitalism need government structure of some sorts, it cannot exist without it.

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • There was a fucking referendum where people voted for not dissolving the Union and it was ignored. It can't go more undemocratic than that.

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • Every single fascist country was capitalist before.

  • Wha..?
  • Weird headphones

  • The Trump economy: Slower growth, higher prices and a bigger national debt
  • Where on the Disc did you get ‘god-given external conditions’ from that?

    In the premise and in the presented alternative. As you noticed, the boots, while being literal in the story, are also a metaphor, but for a metaphor on the broad topic as poverty and affluence, it's exremely reductive, especially for someone who is not a medieval cop with a meddle-age crisis of nihilism and rampant alcoholism (for whom it's understandable) but a XXI century reader. It does not present anything else for you to make it an universal theory to proclaim with smugness. It's also untrue because price don't necessary, or even that much often, equal quality.

    Also Vimes was a cop and a lib, regardless what he babbled to himself, his job and purpose was to keep the status quo. And Pratchet, however good his books are was also a lib and his thoughts about revolution never came even an inch further than the usual liberal propaganda about revolution eating its children, lesser evil is dope and status quo is good, what he promoted was a old bankrupted "capitalism with human face" and other liberal ideals. Just he was intelligent enough to place his stories in the medieval like world where the capitalism is only emerging and this is still undeniably progressive.

    By "not to be taken seriously" i meant that Pratchet was not a 10 year old and even in his liberalism knew society, politics and economics are much more complcated than to make universal theory based on "price = quality"

  • elon is a lame poser
  • I mean actual cowboys were also looking lame, that's why hollywood had to idealise them.

  • There really should be separate community for US politics


    UN lies about US military occupation of Syria, reporter calls out Ukraine hypocrisy

    0 Hit on Chinese balloon was F-22’s first air-to-air strike

    The airstrike was the first time the fighter jet had brought down an aircraft since the plane debuted in combat in Syria and Iraq almost a decade ago.

    How heroic, that surely paid off all those billions.


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