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The ICC Arrest Warrants (Chappatte)
  • I mean the problem is that on an international level might will always make right. You cannot solve that unless you force every human being on earth to submit to some single authority…

    So I suppose it will be solved up all nice and tidy if an alien race comes and enslaves us. Until then, we surf the rising and falling waves of human empires just like we have been doing for 10s of 1000s of years.

    Making institutions that have “authority” but no power to enforce that authority except against the defeated isn’t really doing anything except encouraging some of humanities worst instincts (revenge, feuding, and making all conflict existential)

    If you want to maximize peace and safety for civil populations, you de-escalate conflict by offering face saving off ramps to the belligerents. Affording grace and forgiveness to people who are probably complete shitbags who don’t deserve it. Humanism is hella hard though, I’m not sure we’re up to the challenge.

  • The ICC Arrest Warrants (Chappatte)
  • I managed to amass a pretty good horde of downvotes the other day with a sentiment that mirrored this comic. I probably meandered and missed my meaning but the comic author nails it

    You arrest the leader of a belligerent faction by forming an army and defeating their army. Not by knocking on their door and serving papers. The ICC really doesn’t have any purpose except punishing the losers once the war is over. The winners always seem to walk free, no matter what heinous shit they did to get that win.

    Play out the game theory of that in your head and think about what effect the threat of war crimes prosecution for losers (only) has on how and when leaders commit war crimes. (Hint: it strongly encourages doing ANYTHING to make sure you win)

  • Resistance is futile
  • I mean it’s only 30ish seconds so it’s not a lot of investment, BUT, it really is just noise, you can barely pick out the trombone until the last 3seconds.

    It is grating and unapproachable, but the rest of the album feels like it could have had half a dozen radio hits in an alternate version of the early 90s.

    Edit: just re-read my comment and noticed the ambiguity in my closing sentence. Sigh… sloppy writing. Anyway I was playing with the fact that phish fans are known to be a little bit evangelical (not unlike trek fans tbh). And if one tells you not to listen to a song you should listen to THEM, and avoid the song.

  • Resistance is futile
  • Jonathan Frakes fun fact:

    He has a gold record for an album he appeared on as a trombone player. Apparently the band phish saw an unusual mailbox when they were driving up to meet a record company guy and the guy from the label told them that his neighbor with the strange mailbox was in fact Lt Riker. Knowing he played trombone from the show they asked to be introduced and invited him to join them in the studio on a record they were working on (Hoist). Well as Jonathan tells it he got to the studio and pretty quickly realized that the charts for the part were probably beyond his ability, but he bravely recorded a few attempts and everyone was very nice about. The band did not use the his takes for the intended track but they did cut them up and make a track out of them called “Riker’s mailbox”. When the record went gold the band made sure that a gold record plaque was also sent to Jonathan.

    Story pieced together from interviews with Jonathan and Trey, heard on a podcast at some point but I would have a hell of a time sourcing it further. The song, which also feature bela fleck on banjo, is pretty much just noise and not worth the effort to chase down. If a phish fan tells you NOT to listen to a phish song you should listen!

  • EXCLUSIVE: ICC seeks arrest warrants against Sinwar and Netanyahu for war crimes over October 7 attack and Gaza war | CNN
  • People’s take on this stuff always seems so naive to me. All war ever can be viewed as an attempt to arrest the leader of another group for “crimes”. When you get arrested… that means you lost the war. Winning a war means you didn’t get arrested.

    The ICC is such a silly stupid waste of human attention. It’s like an idea that children came up with after watching Star Trek. It has no utility whatsoever for our species. We fight, we have winners and losers. If you start a fight with somebody stronger than you, you are gonna have a bad time. If you start a fight with someone weaker than you, others will think you are dishonorable. That doesn’t mean you get arrested.

  • Fear
  • The average lifespan for wild passerine birds is probably a lot longer than 3 yrs.

    In general, birds live a weirdly long time. Banding studies show us song birds that have lived up to 15yrs or so. Assuming they make it to adulthood, a cardinal can probably expect to live 6-8 yrs but that is a wild guess since it’s almost impossible for us to really measure that.

    Anyway, that’s enough zoology time, back to the memes!

  • The RTS genre will never be mainstream unless you change it until it's 'no longer the kind of RTS that I want to play,' says Crate Entertainment CEO
  • RTS did go mainstream and it indeed turned into games very different from old school SC et al.

    Plants vs zombies and LoL are the descendants of the genre and are or at least were, HUGE. Tower defense and moba are the two evolutionary paths that RTS took.

    Tower defense is super mainstream, but moba, while huge isn’t really mainstream in my opinion. But one things for sure, they don’t have much in common with SC except the lineage.

  • The US is a Hybrid Democratic-Authoritarian Regime
  • The electoral college is stupid, and if there was any reasonable way to be rid of it we would be better off. The presidency is a national position and should be elected by a national vote.


    Clinton fucked up. Her campaign knew the rules of the game and they fucked up. She failed to campaign in states she NEEDED TO WIN and spent time and money in places where she hoped to run up the numbers.

    It’s like being angry that refs at your hockey game don’t give you points when you hit a home run. Got to play the game you want to win.

  • The US is a Hybrid Democratic-Authoritarian Regime
  • If you only show up on presidential Election Day. And, if you only really think that the president role is important. Well, then what you say is true. It’s just the lesser of 2 evils.


    There are 537 elected officials in the federal government. Thousands of elected representatives in state and local governments. Those people combine to make a force of authority that is WAY more important than the president. Joe Biden didn’t send the NYPD to bust up a protest at Columbia, the NYC authorities did that. Why did NY choose leaders like that?

    We don’t have a king that leads us. We have a head of state that pretty much just points themself in the direction WE were already heading. If you want to change that direction, it’s a long project. The most important election this year is your congressional and local primary. That’s where you get to decide what’s going to happen in 5yrs. The potus election is just a silly game where we have to keep the ball away from an idiot madman so that the rest of us can run a country.

  • The US is a Hybrid Democratic-Authoritarian Regime
  • No place is free by that standard. The people sets the policy and when you transgress the people will push back via their representatives in the government. The government that they chose.

    The problem isn’t the system, the problem is that most people don’t agree with you. Start changing people’s mind and quit looking for shortcuts.

  • Proton Mail Discloses User Data Leading to Arrest in Spain
  • “Privacy” means two different things depending on the audience. For me privacy means that my information is not being used to advance some organizations commercial interest. For others it means that my information will never be shared with a government.

    Don’t advertise to me


    Don’t narc on me

    I guess I don’t really expect a company to resist pressure from government agencies on my behalf. Especially if I have been using their service to commit crimes in my country. If you are doing things your government would prefer you didn’t, hire a good lawyer and consult with them about what should be sent via email (spoiler, it’s nothing). The mafia doesn’t send emails, or put anything in writing, if you do crimes, you shouldn’t either.

  • Tesla to lay off everyone working on Superchargers, new vehicles
  • My dude, never underestimate wall streets ability to ignore tsla failing. They will hold that stock. Shorting tsla is a fools errand. The people who own tsla are immune to reality.

    Everything good that tsla owners were banking on has already happened. The gravy days are in the past but… the insane valuation persists.

    You cannot short stupidity.

  • What kind of institutional gaslighting is this?
  • Really? Like you have honestly stayed in a job for ten years without any increase in comp?

    Wages have skyrocketed over the last 3 years and you are still willing to take what you were offered in 2014?

    My instinct is that this is total bullshit but if it is not, please, I’m begging you, go get a new job and pass on anything that isn’t at least 60% more than your current wage.

  • Fix The Tix: 300 Musicians Back New Senate Bill for Reforming Concert Ticket Sales in the ‘Fans First Act’
  • There is no world where a 3rd party ticketing company should be able to own, or develop exclusive relationships with a venue operator.

    The promoter, act, and venue operator should negotiate how tickets will be distributed when they draw up contracts. In this fucked up reality, the ticketing company owns the venues and controls all access to tickets and their distribution.

    TM would still do tons of business in that world. They actually offer a compelling product to acts, venues and promoters, but they should always be in competition with the act and the venue box office.

    TM and live-nation should be competitors but they have been allowed to form a vertically integrated monopoly. THIS is the actual shit the FTC was built to combat.

  • Americans Are Open To Cheap Chinese Cars. That’s 'Scary' For The Rest Of The Auto Industry
  • It’s the same thing the right does with government. It is a truism that there is all sorts of “inefficiencies” where the money is going to the wrong people for the wrong stuff.

    In both cases, it’s sort of correct and sort of wrong. Corporations, governments, and any human institution beyond a certain scale (a few hundred people), will leak wealth into places it shouldn’t. It’s an unavoidable feature of our species as best I can tell.

    It’s fine to accept it, it’s fine to be angry about it. It’s silly to blind yourself to it in some places and whinge about it in others.

  • The fermi paradox
  • Take the high school biology definition of life and throw it out, it’s shit. Broaden your thinking to include any sort of self replicating chemical system. The possibility space is so vast that you could have life we are completely unable to recognize as such. If the moon was a living thing with a billion year reproductive cycle we would NEVER figure it out.

    We have no idea what we are even looking for. It’s easy to imagine we are the only things “like us” in the universe. But there could be heaps of intelligent life that is nothing like us at all. So unlike us that we couldn’t recognize each other if we were in the same room let alone galaxy.

  • Biden Says He Told Nigeria to Kill Fewer Civilians — but Nigeria Keeps Killing Lots of Civilians
  • Sending weapons to Israel is part of a very old US strategy to check Iranian power. You can argue that we should stop trying to check Iranian power, I could probably be convinced of that. Being an enemy of Iran has led us to some of our shittiest “allies”. Remember when US presidents shook hands with Sadam Hussein? That shit happened!

    We can stop sending them weapons and money. We should. We should try to make those shipments conditional on changes to the Gaza war strategy. But letting Iran run wild is not going to be super great for US interests and is going to be VERY unpopular with US citizens. It’s not that I like the way everything is happening, it’s that it isn’t simple. Iranian troops in Israel, SA and Iraq isn’t an outcome we can handle so taking our foot off the pedal almost certainly leads to a hot war with Iran. That sucks a lot.

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