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T-Mobile imposes $5 monthly price hike on customers using older plans
  • Easy fix:

    1. "Sorry, we no longer offer a T-Mobile ONE plan, therefore your plan has been converted to a regular T-Mobile plan. If you object to this you may terminate your account."

    2. "Due to increased costs and a whole bunch of reasons that has absolutely nothing to do with our greed we will have to raise the price of our regular plan."

  • Russia begins tactical nuclear weapon drills near Ukraine border
  • Piss off the west. I'm sure the major countries that support Russia today would continue to do so. And getting removed from power is something Putin's been paranoid about forever, hence the doppelgangers and such. I'm sure he has very thoroughly thought out plans to disappear on his own accord if needed.

    That being said, using nukes just seem very counter productive to Russia and I would hope even a deranged Putin, or at least other oligarchs, realize that.

  • A Primer on Mastodon's New Board Members
  • Yeah I had no idea. Now I have one and I'm immediately considering moving to a different fedi microblog platform. I've already lost quite a bit of trust for Rochko due to his extreme eagerness to federate with Meta.

  • How cockroaches spread around the globe to become the pest we know today
  • Plus with all the people around, they're not really scared of humans. These aren't the roaches in movies that scatter when a light comes on or they see a person. They're used to us by now.

    I'm picturing a dark alley late at night. A human opens a door, and the light from inside spills out on the ground just outside. Right there, an enormous cockroach grimaces slightly from the sudden light, takes a drag on a tiny cigarette and nods hello at the human.

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