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Cost by Protein Source
  • I think this is probably including unsalted roasted whole peanuts in the shell. They are pretty cheap to buy in big bulk bags. If you want pre-shelled roasted, salted, or seasoned peanuts, you will pay extra for it.

  • Butt-friendly bike seat moves with your legs
  • Do you have to get a custom seat setup for your car? What about your office chair? Perhaps cyclists have become accustomed to the need for specialty seat fittings because bike saddles are just inherently small, prone to pressure points, rigid and unforgiving. This innovation looks promising to me, at least as far as reducing perineal numbness and nerve damage (hopefully without the need for ridiculous diaper shorts which I own and love).

  • Large chunk of Wyoming's Teton Pass road collapses; unclear how quickly it can be rebuilt
  • Idaho is a place, not a person, nor even a group of racist people. In fact the Tetons are fucking beautiful and it's a shame this road got destroyed. In general, the only way racists learn the error of their thinking is to meet foreign people, and actually gain an understanding of their humanity.

  • future hokidachi (broomstyle) Japanese maple

    Made some initial pruning decisions on this tree in progress. Left one small bud at the base as a sacrifice branch.


    I pruned this juniper procumbens Nana today.

    It's about 12 years old with some nice jin and movement.


    Pruned this monster olive multi trunk unit

    Plan to wire the branches this fall to define the initial structure better.


    Pruned and wired this crepe myrtle bonsai today

    The Spring colors in my bonsai garden are stunning. Come check out the Lemmy bonsai community for more content.


    Japanese style lean to shed update

    I built this garden shed to hold potting supplies and lawn tools for my bonsai garden. It was a fun exercise playing with the nail gun and I didn't even stab myself. The shed definitely is not plumb or square, but it hasn't fallen over yet so I'm pleased.


    Help us grow the bonsai instance!

    Please join us for some discussion on creating and keeping miniature trees at


    Repotting day for this juniper

    Approximately 12-year-old juniper procumbens went into a pond basket after removing about 50% of the root ball from a nursery can.


    Update on Acer Palmatum Seijin

    Shown after one yr of training and some hard cutbacks.


    Just picked up this Grand Seiko soko Frost

    I purchased this online and was worried that it wouldn't live up to the hype. Now I'm glad to find out that the dial really is mesmerizing in person.