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HDD or SSD for a home server?
  • Raspberry pi is power limited. HDD creates a power spike on boot as well so you may have power issues. When i used a rpi for a media server, i had to use a 25W supply. Even 20W wasnt enough and i had voltage throttling issues. 1TB HDD probably wont draw that much power but SSD is never an issue. If you dont need space and are on a budget SSD is the way to go. This is all assuming USB is used for power.

    If you need large amounts of space and have a budget, use an HDD but it needs to be self powered or used with a larger device like a mini pc which has adequate internal power.

  • For the US, id certainly agree with you. College is free here and some employers require it (less and less though). A coworker once told me a degree shows you can be serious for one thing and see it through. It shows you are capable of achieving a goal.

  • a cool guide to diets
  • I started dieting a month ago to lose a bit of weight. Im lazy so I dont exercise more, I just eat less. Im lazy so I dont think about what I eat so I eat everything, I just eat less of it.

    It works. I dont see why it wouldnt.

    The only deviation is eat a bit more twice a week so the body doesnt get used to a low intake and start working on low power. Though I dont know if thats even possible.

  • So much for Blockchain's real life use cases
  • I mean, if one party pushes for use of blockchain, you'd just need to trust that specific system (algorithm, network..) and not explicitly the party pushing for it.

    I also wouldn't call it power 'waste' since it does useful work - confirmation. It may be more inefficient compared to a centralized authority though. There are other ways of doing confirmations than proof-of-work as well, though each have their own drawbacks - just like a centralized system does,

  • So much for Blockchain's real life use cases
  • Bad research based on subjective opinion? I dont see how anyone would see blockchain in itself as useless. It provides a verification method without the use of a centralized system. Are all peer-to-peer systems useless now? Its not to be used as a tool for everything. It will not fix everything. I'd be more interested in research of what happens when reactionary practices are used. Such as using blockchain just because it's the hot new trend without thoroughly thinking about the consequences of such actions. blockchain = bad / blockchain = good is not good enough, each implementation needs to be studied independently and answers derived from that. Replace blockchain with AI and it's the same.

  • Growing Old
  • I still remember the day I grew old. After forgetting my change at a self checkout machine, an younger attendant ran after me and refered to me as 'sir'. After that day, I was no longer young. I was 29.

  • Jesus is Fundamentally Socialist
  • My favorite story from the bible is when Jesus storms into a temple and starts whipping the living shit out of everyone as they were counting gold and their riches. Jesus was a god damn socialist hero.

  • Japan declares victory in effort to end government use of floppy disks
  • Its been a while since I used one but arent 3.5's unreliable? I still remember having problems with data integrity way back then. I dont remember them as some rock solid tech and I'd rather put my faith into 650MB CDs if I had to choose.

  • Two definitions of self hosted
  • Self refers to oneself as in, a person. I never associate selfhosting with a company which runs their own servers. Technically they do self host but is it a company asking questions on an online forum and referring to itself as oneself? Is a company a person? What is a company even? Philosophical questions we dont have time to discuss.

    To me, self hosting means a person is self hosting things. Some have racks and use 1kW of power on idle, some have micro servers. In any case, just one paragraph explaining what you have at the top of a post is sufficient to get the point of what you know across.

    Id say a more important distinction is persons who self host software only (VPS) and those who do hardware as well.