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answer = sum(n) / len(n)
  • Not neccesarily, there are a number of modern philosiphers and physicists who posit that "experience" is incalculable, and further that it's directly tied to the collapse of the wave function in quantum mechanics (Penrose-Hammerof; ORCH-OR). I'm not saying they're right, but Penrose won a Nobel Prize in quantum mechanics and he says it can't be explained by math.

  • answer = sum(n) / len(n)
  • There's a lot we understand about the brain, but there is so much more we dont understand about the brain and "awareness" in general. It may not be magic, but it certainly isnt 100% understood.

  • Why do I puke more than once when I've been drunk?
  • Do you also get flushed in the face? Seems like some kind of alcohol intolerance. Theres a gene thats common in east asians that can cause this. A vietnamese friend of mine has a similar reaction when he drinks.

  • How do you see yourself in your imagination?
  • On an existential level, a cosmic blip of conciousness inhabiting a stinky primate. Totally insignificant on the grand scale, but also my own personal god. Ultimately, my experience begins and ends with me, so who else but myself should I seek to please? Dont get me wrong, I'm not a sociopath, one of my many joys in life (for which I feel incredibly fortunate) is being kind and loving to my friends and family, helping others to succeed in their goals and being a positive influence in general.

    I also beleive us to be in a deterministic universe, so you might call one a "perfect version" of themselves, in that they are exactly where they always would have been.

  • Full Lives
  • Ive not taken the time to verify any of the information in this post, but lets assume for the moment that good science has been done and these claims are legit. Lets also take consider other similar research that has been done in the arena of plant and animal "awareness". Are we approaching a point in the scientific community where some level of awareness ahould be assumed for creatures beyond ourselves? It seems that every time we look close enough at a product of nature (fungus, plants, etc) we discover some new element of what we would call "awareness". Hell, I've even seen claims that certain plants can be anesthetized, with drugs that work on humans no less.

    Say that we discovered life as we know it on another planet, and what that would do to our perception of "life" throughout the universe. Once could be a fluke, twice could be a coincidence, but given the scale of our universe if we were to find any life, in our own galaxy especially, it would drastically change our perception of the rarity of life.

    Now, consider that we have primate relatives who show many of the some properties of awareness that we do, and the pile of other research pointing to varying levels of "awareness" for virtually everything we look at, including creatures such as planta and fungi. How this hasn't led to a general acceptance that every "living" thing likely has a subjective experience is a bit beyond me, but I also am not a trained scientist, so maybe someone here can shed some light.

  • [COMIC] Any comic book fans in here? American Vampire is a great one! American Vampire Series by Scott Snyder

    Collected editions of the comic book series created by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, originally published in single magazine form as American V...

    Didn't see any posts about it in here yet so thought I'd share!