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Giant phallus-shaped iceberg floating in Conception Bay surprises residents of Dildo, Canada
  • I read the "not the onion" name before clicking but it wasn't until I reached the end of the article and saw the author's name that it finally clicked that this was in fact not the onion.

    While reading the thing it all seemed "weird this doesn't feel like an onion article even though the content is so much onion" and "are those references to other phallic stuff all from past onion articles too?"

  • Do other languages have similar acronyms to 'tbh', 'imo', 'smh', etc?
  • I'm Portuguese we don't use many acronyms, but we have shorter versions of words with the vowels removed or things like that. When people tried to use acronyms we ended up with "fds" which some people read as weekend, others read as "fuck it". The only other acronyms I can think of right now are all for offenses such as fdp (son of a bitch) and cdf ("ass of iron", very old term for calling someone a nerd).

  • Dev rejects CVE severity, makes his GitHub repo read-only
  • We get some concerned folks asking about vulnerabilities on our software all the time because some dependency has a critical vulnerability and that gets our stuff flagged as having critical vulnerabilities too, even tho you need to opt-in to that dependency in compile time and even when it's present it can only be abused by users with enough privilege to do directly much more than anything the vulnerability can end up doing.

  • What is the superior voting methodology? To whom does each alternative benefit
  • You already got a bunch of responses on the ranked system so I'll mention other stuff.

    There are many elements that go into the voting system. Here in Brazil if a candidate doesn't get over 50% of the votes we do a second poll with just the top two performers, which on top of counting every individual vote instead of grouping them by county, makes it a lot better than the US system. On the other hand, we don't have anything like the American primaries so we have no say over which candidates are going to run.

    If the US election was like the Brazilian system, Trump wouldn't have won in 2016. If Brazil used the American system (with just two to three parties), Bolsonaro would probably not even have a party to run on in 2018.

    Other important stuff is how to vote. Here there's a single day for polls which is a federal holiday and everyone has their own assigned location for voting, which is mandatory (but not really). If you're away from your designed location you can go to any other to fill a form or even use an app to notify that you can't vote. In some states it's also illegal to sell alcohol on election day. You're not allowed to do anything for a campaign while polls are open but it's also illegal for cops to arrest anyone (for anything) without flagrant. We can't vote by mail and we need to have an ID to vote. Oh it's also illegal to take a picture of your vote or bring people with you while you vote.

    Polling locations are usually the closest school to your house or some other public building that is just a short walk away (except for very small rural towns). However, if you move and don't change your voting location within a few months or the election, you'll have to go back to where you lived before in order to vote - too many people never update it and have to go back to their home town every election (or just skip it).

    All of those little things impact the end result because they can help (or prevent) people from voting. In the US, actual access to polls is already being weaponized by parties extensively, but here that is only now starting to be a thing.

    Finally, there are the urns themselves. Here we have electronic urns with closed source code that can be audited by every party. At the end of the day each individual urn prints its own totals which are then displayed to the public and made available on the election website. It's not a perfect system and if (or more likely when) someone manages to hack it, they could easily change the result of an election, though I believe the systems in place are enough to at the very least expose that such a hack happened. The paper ballots used by the US on the other hand are much easier to fraud, but with much smaller impact to the total vote count (maybe high risk of impacting the results on key counties). Both systems still have a very large room for improvement in terms of fraud safety.

  • Rule people
  • There was something in that game that made it insufferable to me, but I don't remember what it was. Everytime I picked it up I would play for 5 or 10 minutes and put it down again, until I eventually quit it.

  • Paradox Interactive has completely cancelled "Life By You"
  • I wonder how that's going. When the devs started they were clearly overpromising things that they thought would be cool to have without any idea of how long it would take to implement them. I always suspected it would remain in development for many many years, but apparently it'll be playable next year.

  • When did a movie or a show misrepresent the country or city you live in?
  • Brazil is always misrepresented everywhere, but two funny cases come to mind:

    There was a House episode where Dr. House was treating a CIA officer who had been to Bolivia and had eaten a lot of nuts. At the end of the episode House realized the officer has actually been to Brazil and not Bolivia and then figures out that he ate Brazil Nuts, which could cause all the symptoms he had. In reality Brazil Nuts are much more common in Bolivia than they are in Brazil (or anywhere else).

    The other case was Westworld, Vincent Cassel speaks perfect Portuguese while playing an American character, talking to a Brazilian character whose actor speaks it incorrectly and with an extremely loaded accent.

  • How easy is it to switch back to windows?
  • Windows, in the past has been known to sometimes overwrite the Linux boot loader after a windows update.

    Linux (ubuntu) do that pretty often too, people just don't notice it because they're unlikely to be running any other bootloader if they have Linux'.

  • Japan seeks international coordination to thwart online manga, anime piracy
  • It would be a service problem if the chapter was released officially in one language then translated to others by pirates faster than the official company, but that is not the case. The official Sunday release includes the English, Spanish and Portuguese translations (among others) and they are all made available at the same time, for free for several regions.

    Pirate websites only manage to release it faster because they get access to the unfinished product and then have people work on them with no regards to any work laws in order to finish and release it as soon as possible without any schedule or time constraint.

  • Japan seeks international coordination to thwart online manga, anime piracy
  • In general, yes, but in this case I don't think there's any way for the service to beat piracy even if the service was just as good (which it isn't). Take the One Piece manga, for example. A lot of people read it from illegitimate sources simply because they can manage to release it two to three days earlier than the official every week. You can read it for free online in your local language once the magazine reach the shelves in Japan, but even that is too late because the contents gets leaked while all the partners are preparing for that simultaneous release.

  • Google Maps alternatives you'll wish you tried sooner
  • Here We Go is the old Nokia Maps, which (at least until ~8 years ago) has the absolute best map data of all of the mentioned services, specially for third world countries and other places that Google and Apple aren't so worried about keeping up-to-date.

  • Is it theoretically possible for Windows 11 to delete pirated content on your PC?
  • On the realm of possibilities, windows can do whatever it wants. If it is connected to the internet then yeah it would be possible for Microsoft to do something like that, but I wouldn't be worried about it just for piracy. Something like that could be possible for detecting CP or things on that level but I doubt MS would go low enough to do that for simple pirated content.

  • What were some good things humans achieved in 2023?

    Anything exciting going on in your field of work this year? Or breakthroughs in science, new technologies developed, things like that.


    Não existem mais impressoras 220v?

    Tava querendo comprar uma pra não precisar mais ficar correndo em gráfica sempre que preciso assinar algum documento, mas pqp é tudo apenas 110v. E a informação ainda fica bem escondida pra maioria delas.

    Eu tava comparando uns 4 modelos pensando em qual comprar quando por acaso vi um comentário em um deles falando sobre ser 110v, aí fui conferir e todas eram. To tão acostumado com tudo ser bivolt hoje em dia que se não fosse o comentário eu nem teria conferido.