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Registering as an "Independent" party member doesn't mean you have no party affiliation; most states have an Independent party who has a platform that you may or may not agree with!
  • In Canada you have to buy a membership to the party. That let's you vote in the leadership elections. Mosty it means you and your next 7 generations get spam soliciting donations.

  • Steve Bannon asks appeals court to keep him out of prison due to his importance in Trump’s campaign
  • I've been thinking about this for a long time. I'm quite interested to see how the national debt gets divided up and how that influences things.

  • Emerging Psychedelic Mushroom Alternative More Toxic Than Fentanyl, New Research Suggests
  • You should try a little acid (as a treat) and report back.

  • GOP candidate demands Brittney Griner get sent back to Russian prison
  • The thing I don't get is who wakes up in the morning and goes to work for those assholes? I hate to say it, but I think they might be assholes too. I'm starting to worry it might be assholes all the way down.

  • Is this correct for the updated blade guard on a radial arm saw?
  • Radial (cut off your) arm saws are one of the few tools in the shop that give me the heebie jeebies. Yes, they can be operated safely but, yikes.

  • Please help me understand why I should share my identity
  • As the (rapidly aging and out of touch) father of a queer youth, I've often wondered why kids today so much time talking about who they want to rub their genitals against and very little time rubbing their genitals against those things.

    Go be happy, have fun, don't worry about me, I don't need the details. I'm sure not broadcasting my kinks.

  • Writing believable characters is hard
  • Shouldn't have made it about a comic then I guess.

  • ‘No way out without bloodshed’: the right believe the US is under threat and are mobilizing
  • Would you like to borrow my fiddle? You can play a tune for the barbarians waiting at the gate.

  • Writing believable characters is hard
  • I sure see a lot of comic writers complaining about people who don't find their comics funny. Maybe it's the rest of the world, or maybe it's them?

  • Schedule
  • So is she. She's just got a better pimp.

  • We can do it. Together.
  • We're on the mobile/desktop devide. I've only seen reddit on a computer if I clicked on a link from someone. That's why that api bullshit brought me here.

  • Buddhist flag spotted in the wild
  • That's a funky flag. Looks like a capital E at the end.

  • We can do it. Together.
  • How so? You need to use the ap to see porn and the ap is mostly an ad server.

  • We can do it. Together.
  • I've given up. Every other post is an ad. Spoils the mood.

  • This guy's comics seem to be more "oh" funny as opposed to "ha" funny.

  • I don't think Boeing killed those guys

    Boeing is for sure a shit show and terribly managed, but I don't think they would blatantly kill guys like that. I think it's far more likely that the first guy did kill himself because he figured everybody would think Boeing whacked him and that would do far more damage to the company than his testimony would. Now any news falls under a suspicious gaze and here we are thinking some other guys unfortunate death is due to nefarious deeds.

    Or I'm wrong and Boeing has a CIA division ¯\\\(ツ)\


    Why don't posts I submitted show up in my profile?

    I've made a few posts, most about sync, but none show up in my profile under 'posts'. Even the ones I made in my own instance. What's up?


    Ahoy Sailors!

    Welcome to another sailing community! Hopefully there's some crew around to liven the place up! Anything wind powered goes!


    The best race footage I've seen!

    I liked this guy's dodger so started following him. He's a cruiser but got invited to a regatta and filmed it. I think it gives a great perspective of what a sailboat race is like. I think more cruisers should go racing, it teaches you how to react under pressure and how to use your equipment. And tests your equipment, it's better to break stuff on a Wednesday night than 2 weeks out from port!


    Why does it take so many clicks to block communities?

    Click logo, miss logo enter thread by mistake, click logo again enter community page, scroll right, click block, confirm block at the bottom of the page.

    Why can't we block/subscribe from the hamburger menu on the post? Is it this difficult on purpose? Can we edit out a few of those actions? Blocking communities is a huge part of my lemmy experience.