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First projections of EU Parliament election results
  • I have a horrible feeling that this is the beginning of a terrible slide. The racists will use this opportunity to be as obstructionist as they can and then scream in their home countries about how inefficient the EU is, and because the EU is so far away from home for most people, they'll believe them. And then we'll slide further.

  • C++
  • C++ is unironically my favorite language, especially coding in python feels so ambiguous and you need to take care of so many special cases that just wouldn't even exist in C++.

  • CW: New York Times report finds israel systematically rapes Palestinians, sometimes to death.
  • Right, but that's not exactly electrocution, that's just burning. Through a metal, 12V will be more than enough to create a current that makes the conductor very hot, but through a human it likely will not be able to cause any damage whatsoever.

    Could that be used as a form of torture? Absolutely, not disputing that. But for electrocution, a car battery would not do, and for burning a blowtorch would be more effective.

  • CW: New York Times report finds israel systematically rapes Palestinians, sometimes to death.
  • While I'm sure that there was torture at Abu Ghraib, including electrocution, I'd just like to note that car batteries are typically only at 12 volts (sometimes 24) and at that voltage potential can't really harm people. They could have wired up multiple batteries in series but I think it's more likely they just used cables connected to an outlet.

  • Anon thinks about CPUs
  • I took a course in computing systems engineering which was basically going all the way from semiconductors up to operating systems and it was incredibly interesting.

    One of the things that surprised me was how easy it was to abstract away the lower-level complexity as soon as you got one step up. It's kind of like recursive Lego pieces, you only have to design one piece then you can use a bunch of those to design another piece, then use a bunch of those to design another, and so on. By the end you have several orders of magnitude of the fundamental pieces but you don't really think about them anymore.

  • Me to myself everyday.
  • Does that include sleeping consistently at least 8 hours a night for at least a few weeks straight? In my experience, sleeping long after not getting enough sleep makes you feel even more tired the first few days.

  • Me to myself everyday.
  • How much sleep do you get? I've found that getting 8 hours of sleep and then getting up immediately when the alarm rings is the best way for me to get started in the day; waiting too long with getting up, getting dressed, or getting started just makes me more drowsy and adds mental inertia.

    Naturally we're all individuals, so what works for me may not be right for someone else.

  • Dreaming of a more egalitarian world
  • All the nerds who go to the gym just quietly shed a tear.

    I also think that men (of which I am one) tend to overestimate just how much women appreciate muscles. Naturally it's a spectrum but I at least have the experience that men believe that getting muscular will automatically award them with adoration from women when that seldom seems to be the case.

  • There are a lot of low-paying jobs out there. I'm just saying...
  • One major problem is that the incentive of increasing income from tickets causes authorities to shorten the time the yellow light is visible, meaning that drivers have less time to react and run a larger risk of actually running a red light and entering those dangerous situations you mentioned.

    One way of dealing with this would be to ensure that the ones receiving the money are not the same ones issuing the punishment.