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What's our stance on sex work?
  • Reminder to keep it chill in the comments. Discussion is fine as long as you aren't personally attacking others or saying misogynistic shit. Double check the rules pinned at the top if you need a refresher

  • I finally found a rule worth posting
  • Idk about that but they can for sure vote in some US cities.

  • Brown rule
  • The US is still full of them, yes. I included the alt definition because I'm a little confused by the premise of the meme. It reads "born too late to punch nazis, born too early to punch terminators, born just in time to punch nazis".

  • Brown rule
  • Fascists. An alt definition is more specifically nazi and/or racist.

  • Sad, but rule
  • US Democracy is a type of liberalism, which was created as a reaction to mercantilism and monarchies. Basically means "individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise." which... US Democracy doesn't lmao.

    Different word from liberal and conservative. Kind of like "mankind" doesn't just refer to men.

  • Bear [Rule]
  • It's water marked but here's the link to the author for anyone interested

  • Any good web comic rulecommendations?
  • Slowly going through all the suggestions. I really like seemingly dark so far, thanks :)

  • Any good web comic rulecommendations?
  • I'm slowing going through the suggestions, I just started yesterday and I'm on chapter 3 so far. Thanks!

  • ruleitical cumpiss
  • Yes the kitten is nefariously writhing /s.

    Idk to me nefarious is evil intent. Google says "wicked or criminal".

  • Rule
  • Smogon supremacy

  • ruleitical cumpiss
  • Schmovement is indeed true neutral. I'm curious as to why writhing is nefarious though

  • idiom rule
  • There wasn't anything public at least, but they started a libel lawsuit. That was 2022 and no updates have happened since then, I can only assume the lawsuit was dropped or dismissed???

    Either way there's pictures of them keeping like hundreds of bras on their bus at a time when the majority of their fanbase was underage. I found a quote in 2015 by ATL on USA Today where they said they had 2,500 bras at a time. Article also says "If Barakat's microphone stand isn't covered in bras by the end of the night, he feels as though he's had a bad show"

    A user on twitter also said that at 21, Jack was signing fan's breasts regardless of age and provided some photos.

    Just gives me the ick.

  • Bowser rule
  • Reports are asking for NSFW tag please

  • idiom rule
  • Honestly I didn't search for most of these, the information was kind of just placed on my lap through comments and videos that showed up on my daily internet usage. Now I do research on any alternative band before I start to listen now just because of how tainted the "genre" has become.

  • idiom rule
  • No, I'm doubting myself; my list was from memory but I couldn't find anything on a quick search either

  • idiom rule
  • I might be misremembering, removed for now

  • idiom rule
  • It's hard growing up listening to emo/punk/alt/etc. Half the bands I grew up with are now accused of SA (some with underaged kids) like All Time Low, Panic at the Disco, Dance Gavin Dance, Good Charlotte, etc etc. And that's just from memory.

    Ronnie Radke did that and then also came out as super homo/transphobic (Falling in Reverse, previous lead singer of Escape the Fate). Dude leaves transphobic comments on cis-ppl videos that even slightly mention his name in a negative light.

    I don't see how people can separate the art from the artist; the artist's worldview is put into the art. Also why give that person money?

  • i love dr bronners so much
  • It would work in a pinch I suppose: "just add water!"

    Your username is hilarious

  • i love dr bronners so much
  • My parents order that dog food and this picture doesn't do it justice with how fucking overwhelming the packaging is.

  • Moldy Monday rule
  • I'm going to ban you for this /j

  • Any good web comic rulecommendations?

    Manga, American comic, indie, idc. I'm not super picky.

    Girl kissing rule

    [Alt Text: Tumblr user anmalcros shared three stitched screenshots show a pink octopus villager from Animal Crossing named Marina talking to the player character named Jessica who isn't speaking.

    Marina: "Jessica, do you like kissing girls?" Options given are Yeah I guess so, and Not anymore, I'm not.

    Player is assumed to have clicked the "yeah I guess so option"

    Marina: "kissing girls, huh? I envy anyone will skills I don't have. I'd love to see a demo sometime!"

    End description]

    Seize the rule of production

    [Alt Text: Comic featuring a human asking a little blue dude (smurf) if "so... Since smurfette is the only female smurf... Does that mean you all have to... You know..." while touching the tips of their pointer fingers together, typically signaling shyness.

    Next panel just shows a smurf saying, "oh! Ha ha. Of course not. We reproduce like any other parasite."

    Next panel shows a collection of smurfs walking around the human who is now seemingly dead and is now covered in a bunch of growths that look like smurfs.

    If you live anywhere near the hurricane please take it seriously.

    Your local government should provide sand, check their social media. Remove things from your yard. Go buy essentials. If you lose power keep your fridge closed as much as possible. Don't try to drive through flooded areas. Stay safe :3

    I identity as a rule

    [Alt Text: Image is a report from the Jung Personality Test. Weird codes are on purpose.

    Report information. Gender: 1x38B. Test date: 2019-01-25. The quiz is complete! The Jung personality test's 60 questions classify you as: Catastrophic Failure (1x38B)

    Something went wrong. Contact website administrator with the provided error code for troubleshooting.]

    All hail our [Rule]r

    [Alt Text: A flowchart for whether or not you should purchase Ikea's shark plushie, Blahaj (you should). All parts of the flowchart lead to buying Blahaj.]

    PeachyMcPeachface Peachy [they/them]

    Lilith bless the trans flag

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